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Not-So-Vegan Cinnamon Pancakes – No Eggs Needed!

September 7th, 2009

Apple Cinnamon PancakesOur paycheck on the thirtieth sucks ass.  It’s not less than our paycheck on the fifteenth.  It just feels like it because we have to pay rent out of the paycheck on the thirtieth.  So from about the fourth till the fifteenth, I’m scrounging through the cupboards trying to make a nice meal out of rice, jumbo pasta shells and canned kidney beans.

And that drives me crazy.  I lose sleep over it.  This man goes through hell and high water to make ends meet.  I should at least be able to cook Him a nice meal when He gets home.

Never mind that I’m not the bread winner and I have no control over when we go shopping or what we buy.  If we don’t have the right kind of food to make Him something He’s really going to like, I’m freaking out until we do.

This morning, we have three eggs, no bread and all the stores are closed.  So how do I make Him breakfast??!?

I love cornbread pancakes.  So that was my first suggestion.  Scrambled eggs fills Him up… for maybe an hour.  And then I’d have to give Him all three and find something for myself to eat.  But we have a box of cornbread mix that I could totally turn into pancakes.

Naturally, He said okay at first and then steadily began changing His mind.  He has trouble trying new things, sometimes, because of how He was raised.  So the more time He has to imagine what it’s going to taste like, the less He likes the idea of trying it.  And I had to wash a skillet before I could make pancakes.

I decided to do a load of plates and silver, too, and instantly realized my mistake.  But by then, it was too late.  Before I finished half the plates, He had already completely talked Himself out of trying cornbread pancakes. 

So, my heart stuck on pancakes, I wandered off in search of a from scratch recipe that doesn’t require Bisquick.  Because, in the seven years we’ve been together, the only Bisquick we’ve owned are those little bottles of pancake mix that you add water to and shake the dickens out of.  I’m a from scratch kinda gal.

And then I started thinking, “What if it turns out I need those three eggs for something?” Hmm… Pancakes usually call for eggs.

And then, as I was scanning All Recipes for the pancake recipe that requires the least amount of eggs possible, I saw it.  A vegan pancake recipe with no eggs!

We were both skeptical.  No eggs? They won’t be fluffy! And soy milk? Ew.

So here’s my recipe for eggless pancakes.  Cause you know I didn’t follow the directions, right?

1 Cup flour
1 Tablespoon granulated sugar
2 Teaspoons double-acting baking powder
1 Teaspoon cinnamon (or to taste)
1/8 Teaspoon salt
1 Cup milk (Soy milk if you want them to be vegan)
2 Tablespoons vegetable oil

Mix the dry ingredients in a medium-sized mixing bowl and whisk in the milk.  Then whisk in the vegetable oil.

The batter’s going to look thin.  It’s fine.  Promise.  I added flour to mine.  The pancakes came out a little denser than I wanted because of the extra flour.

Melt butter in a decent sized skillet.

I used a ladle to dish out about a quarter cup of batter and poured saucer-sized puddles into the skillet.  It could have made ten or so saucer-sized pancakes, but I have a habit of pouring the last couple too big to get out of the kitchen.  Lol.

They came out almost perfect.  I will be keeping these in mind from now on for the mornings between the thirtieth and the fifteenth.

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