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Four Boxes? WTF!

September 5th, 2009

Yesterday, I watched for the UPS guy like a hawk.  It was the final attempt at delivery.  The first day, I wasn’t home.  The second, I completely forgot they were coming and didn’t even open the blinds.  Yesterday, I was glued to the window.  I knew he was here before he did, I think.

I bounded down the stairs and flung open the door before he was even off the truck.  After he joked that it was okay I missed the truck yesterday cause he wasn’t on it, I took the box and ran back up the stairs all excited.  I knew what was inside.  The last package from Babeland contained my Butt Bible.

What I wasn’t expecting was to see the mailman walk up with two more boxes for me.  I started squeeing all over the place when I saw him go to my porch first and walk away empty handed.  And I flew back down the stairs not even grumbling a little bit about the fact that I’d just been downstairs ten minutes earlier.

Imagine my surprise when I found a three boxes sitting on my doorstep.

So, upcoming reviews I haven’t told you about yet:

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