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A Contest and Fun Reading (AKA – Rayne Is Nuts)

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First things first, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that:

DominaDoll is having another giveaway over at her site Pop My Cherry Review (Which I can’t help but think of every time someone says “Cherry Poptart” now.  Lol.).  She’s a generous lady, that DominaDoll.

Win a G-Twist Vibrator from Pop My Cherry Review.  She says this toy is fabulous.  (What’s with me and saying fabulous, lately?)

Okay… Next.

M is a bastard.  No, really.

Yesterday, I was walking home from meeting Him for lunch and I twisted my knee twice because I was too busy answering His texts to watch where I was going.  (See how I did that, there? My sore knee is now His fault.  No, really! It is!) =D

So, we finally crawl in bed, and the man puts His leg on top of my knee.  On purpose.  And starts shaking it.

He made me beg Him to stop.

Like, what the fuck, dude? You can say you’re a sadist but you’re not supposed to actually be a sadist.  Damn! Read more…

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Help Us Win!!! Please? (Yes, I am begging!)

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Okay, you guys.  I need your help.  Especially since my entry ended up in the spam filter! (And no hard feelings promise.)

I entered the Steal Our Blog Contest over at Safe Words (Extreme Restraints‘s blog) with a nonfiction spanking story.  To win it, I have to have the most original views.  So go check out my post. Get your friends to check out my post.  Get your friends’ friends to check out my post.  Please!

The fourth is when they tally it up.  So I’ve only got three days to catch up to the people who’ve been up forever.

I’m begging here, folks.  Please.  Help me out!

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