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Product Review: Future Flex Turbo Dyne by California Exotics

August 31st, 2009

SE0702-12So guess what I found when I typed “jelly ribbed vibrator blue” into Google Images?

You guessed it. Old Faithful. I was thinking Old Faithful just randomly showed up in the adult store up the road cuz I’ve been having a bitch of a time finding its maker.

But would you look at that? It’s by California Exotics. And here I thought I hadn’t tried any of their toys before.

So what can I tell you about Old Faithful?  

It’s jelly. It’s flexible. It’s ribbed. It’s blue.

Old Faithful has a usable length of 6.75 inches and is 1.5 inches in diameter. It’s dense. Soft. Because of how flexible Old Faithful is, you can bend it nicely so that it vibrates against the clitoris while the head is inside the vagina.

It’s not too terribly loud. Or, it wasn’t until I broke it. Now it’s ridiculously loud if I hold it wrong. But that’s my fault.

Old Faithful breaks if used for pussy whipping. Which is a shame but totally should have been expected. Of course, using Old Faithful for pussy whipping was also totally worth breaking it.

It has a dial on the bottom to change vibration speeds. This dial has gotten me into the habit of resting my thumb on the bottom of the toy while I’m thrusting (which Old Faithful is amazing for, by the way), though, because, while it turns easily, I haven’t had any trouble with it slipping into a different speed without intentional turning.

It’s not advertised as waterproof, as far as I can tell, but I am not nice to Old Faithful. When I wash it, I’m never careful. I don’t know that I’d suggest taking it in the tub with you without first contacting the company to see if it’s okay. Other than breaking it during pussy whipping, it’s held it together rather well, though.

I don’t like the battery cylinder. I can never figure out how the batteries go in. There’s a chance directions were on the packaging, but it was so many years ago I can’t remember.

Old Faithful doesn’t like rechargeables. It works with them, but on a much lesser scale than with regular batteries.

What am I forgetting?

The ribs! They’re amazing! During thrusting, you feel the ribs massaging the inside walls quite nicely, as well as the labia. And the ribs are really nice to rub against the clit for extra stimulation.

It’s jelly, so a little extra lube and some handy-wipes might be a good idea. The lube so it doesn’t stick to your skin, and the wipes so you don’t insert lint.  Or, in my case, bird feathers. Our apartment’s so tiny that walking to the bathroom to rinse it off doesn’t take long enough to kill the mood.

Wash with a light antibacterial soap and water and you’re done. Just don’t share this toy without putting a condom on it. Hell, you should probably use a condom with it anyway, since it’s jelly.

Please note: I’m pretty sure this toy has been discontinued. If I knew everything I know about jelly when I purchased it, I wouldn’t have, and I don’t suggest anyone try to find .

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