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New Toys and New Pictures

August 30th, 2009

Let’s see…

Yesterday, Master handed me the gift cards from Eden Fantasys and told me to go wild.  Sort of.  I still had to check my purchases with Him.  I ordered a really beautiful paddle, a new flogger, clovers cause ours are MIA and a lube by Sliquid.  I will be reviewing all of them when they finally get here.  I’m all sorts of excited for them to just be here already.

So last night, while we watched television, Master whipped me with the leather end of the leash.  A lot.  He hit me a couple times with the chain, too.

The shitty thing about the leather is it stings like a mother fucker but doesn’t leave any marks.  The chain, though.  Mmm that’s a nice thud.

Today, He took pictures while I played with Brigit for a second time.  Apparently, we both really like Brigit.  Cause every time I take her out, I spend about a minute – if that – with her alone before He’s fucking me.  I am totally not complaining.

Brigit sits perfectly against my clit and His balls when we’re doin’ it doggy style.  Seriously.  Brigit, I love you.  And I’m pretty sure M does, too.

However, I’m gonna have to start wearing that cock ring on my finger or something.  Cause every time we have sex we’re all, “Oh… shoulda tried the cock ring.  Oops.” afterward.  Lol.

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