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Coming Out

August 25th, 2009

I just came out to my mom.  Sort of.  Halfway.  I told her I’m bisexual.  She told me she didn’t want to know anything else.

Not because she has a problem with me being bisexual.  She said it doesn’t change who I am.  That it’s mine and M’s business and not hers.  But because I told her I wasn’t yet willing to take the risk of her losing respect for M if I told her the rest of my sordid little secret.

She said that she wasn’t interested in hearing my secret if I wasn’t comfortable with telling her.  And she said that I know her well enough that I’m probably right.


It’s decided.  I will never intentionally tell my parents about me being a slave.  Ever.  Because it will not go over with them at all.

But what about you? Have you told your family? Your friends?

How’d they take it?

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