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Random Melen Funny

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Rayne:  I still smell like Sliquid and it’s been five hours.  That never happens.
Melen:  Wtf are you talking about?
Rayne:  The feminine wash we bought.
Melen:  I wasn’t aware we had any feminines to wash.  Do you keep them in the dresser? Are they like Gremlins?

~wistful sigh~ Ain’t He clever? Don’t ya want one just like ‘im?

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500 Words – Mrs. Wilkins Smith: She found the safe.

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500wordsIcon“I cannot deal with these fucking holy rollers!” Wilkins Senior screamed at Marlene.  “Get them the fuck out of my house.  What ever made you think I’d accept them here?”

Marlene chuckled.  “Listen to you trying to sound all educated.  Why don’t you go hang with your bar buddies and leave me alone for once?”

“Marlene, I’ll give you five minutes.  Don’t make me embarrass you in front of your lady friends.”

“Oh… You mean, you haven’t already?”

The back of Wilkins’s hand rushed toward her face and connected with her cheek before she could duck out of the way.  It was just as well.  Missing would only infuriate him further.

Marlene met his eyes.  Hers were watery and dark, but steady.  Her voice was clear and firm.  “Never in front of outsiders, Wil.  Are you an idiot? Are you looking for trouble?”

One of her friends had already made for the phone in the kitchen.  Marlene’s pleading eyes lifted in the woman’s direction.  “Annabelle.”

“I’m sorry, Marlene.  No more.”  The woman began to dial. Read more…

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