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FFF3 – Carpeting, Umbrella, Et ego in arcadia vixi

August 22nd, 2009

FlashFictionFridayIconJennifer shook out the umbrella and tucked it in the corner of the entryway.  Max mentioned new carpeting, so she slipped off her shoes and left them next to the umbrella.  She walked down the hall to the room she was to meet him in and stepped inside.

She began moving around the room, adjusting the furniture the way he’d instructed.  She heard voices in the hall and took a seat in one of the upholstered chairs.  She nervously ran a hand over the burgundy velvet as she waited for the door to open.

“Here she is.  Victoria.  The most beautiful of my girls.”  Jennifer’s questioning eyes lifted to meet Max’s and he smiled reassuringly.

The woman with him stepped forward and she lifted Jennifer’s hand from the chair.  “Absolutely delighted to meet you, Victoria.  I’m sure we will have such fun together.”

“But I’m not…”  Max cleared his throat.

“Vicky, might I have a word with you please?” He snatched her hand from the woman’s palm and dragged her to a corner.  He pushed her back to the wall and put his mouth close to her ear.  “You will do what this woman tells you, Victoria.  You do not have a choice in this.  Have you forgotten your promise?”

“My promise did not include prostituting myself to a woman.  How dare you…”

“How dare I? Et ego in arcadia vixi.”

Jennifer laughed.  “Do you imagine yourself a god, Max? Is that it? I am not a lesbian or a whore.  I will not do this thing.”

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