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Reading Restrictions

August 20th, 2009 2 comments

chickendeathpeerI probably shouldn’t be posting about this.  Not because I’ll get in trouble or anything like that.  But because I’m giving this ignorant twit the attention she’s seeking.  But oh well.  The main topic, I think, is an important development in my training.

Months and months ago, Kaya posted (and I’m pretty sure I did, too, but for my new readers, I’ll summarize here), full of annoyance, about Nine Deuce and her blog Rage Against the Man-chine.  Not so much because Nine Deuce is an ignorant, raving feminazi.  More because of her views on [[BDSM]].

Nine Deuce firmly believes that women shouldn’t have the right to choose to live in oppression.  She believes that a) We submissive women are only submissive because society grooms us to be and b) We should be protected from ourselves by being forcibly removed from relationships in which we are controlled and oppressed; whether we are happy or not.

She believes those of us who choose to live in these relationships are too stupid or domesticated to realize we’re being lead to pasture and that we should be saved from ourselves.  We’re cows being lead to slaughter and Nine Deuce is PETA, if you will.

I might have even been able to look past her ignorant views to try to see the person she really is, as I do with so many other people whose beliefs I disagree with.  I might have, grudgingly, left it alone, never thought of it again, accepted the fact that people are stupid.  But when I commented with my opinion, she rejected it.  Rather than allow someone to intelligently and coherently state their case on her propaganda website, she deleted my comment.

It should have been expected.  That’s how everyone does it, these days.

So, I wrote some feminist organizations, and I only got two responses.  Gloria Allred even ignored me rather than take a stand.  I was rather disappointed about that. Read more…

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