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SJP#358 – Choices

August 19th, 2009

One popular idea is that slaves have no choices once they are owned. Others do not agree with this concept. Is this an accurate statement for you?

The idea that slaves don’t have choices is a misconception, from where I sit.  It’s one of those things.  There are two sides to the coin so you always have a choice.

A slave can choose to obey or ignore her owner’s orders.  She can chose to endure what he wishes to do to her body or she can fight.  She can choose to stay or run away.

Some will say, “The punishment takes away the choice.” but that’s not altogether true.  Perhaps the slave thinks the risk of punishment is worth going against her owner’s wishes.  Sometimes the slave thinks she will never actually have to suffer the consequences and so, she chooses to do as she wishes.

In our relationship, the goal is to eradicate those choices from my mental and emotional being completely.  To make it impossible for me to even fathom leaving or being disobedient.  We’re on the right path.  At least so far.

Master often gives me choices in other things.  What we do when we spend time together.  What we eat.  Where we go.  Who we hang out with.  What kinds of things I’d like to have in the house; both material and necessary.  He gets frustrated because those choices are the ones I’m petrified of making.

The scope of my choices widens and narrows depending on my behavior.  I don’t think He realizes I’ve noticed that.  He doesn’t make a big deal of it.  I’m not sure He even knows He’s doing it, so little a deal does He make of it.  When He’s pleased with me, I could probably talk Him into buying me a golden pillow encrusted with diamonds and pearls a pretty little tiara a new wardrobe including some things I want if we had the cash.  When He’s angry with me, I’m lucky if I get to choose what I get to drink.

And that’s as it should be.  With privileges comes responsibility, as my dad always said.  And to earn the privilege of choice, I must first fulfill my responsibility of being pleasing.

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