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Weird News (AKA Poly Proposal)

August 13th, 2009

So M got approached by the d-type of a couple in NYC about meeting up, possibly playing and eventually, down the road, some poly action.  As in, I’d have two masters and a sister.

I’m not really sure how I feel about that.  Not because I’m against the idea.  But because I’ve never really considered it a possibility.

I mean, what if this guy is just like M? Two Ms? Omigosh.  I might go into sensory overload! Talk about dreamy.

I’m definitely not against the idea.  Not at all.

I mean, who on Earth would be silly enough to turn down possible double penetration while eating pussy? Sure as hell not me! And to have a sister slave to love and cherish? I’ve been dying for that for years.  It’s just not something I’ve ever considered before.

I mean, there’s idle talk of poly interactions with a couple I’ve come to adore but, because of how far away they are – and how broke we are – I haven’t really gotten far in thinking about what it would be like.  To be owned by two people, I mean.

I imagine it could get sticky sometimes.  I mean, M’s pretty particular about having me at the ready for anything He could possibly need.  And if the other guy is using me somehow, I wouldn’t be.  But M would have the other slave to fall back on.

I dunno.  It’s just not something I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about.  I’d really like to meet them, though.  Who knows? It might just all click beautifully.

I guess I better spend some time thinking about a poly family, huh?

Oh! And something else that’s weird about this is the slave’s real name is the same as mine.  Spelled the same and everything.  And all four of our names start with the same letter.   Bizarre, right?

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