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SJP#299 – Domestic Service

August 12th, 2009

Write down the first 5 things that come to your mind when you think about domestic service to your partner. What is involved in these things? How are they unique?

1 – Cooking. There’s a lot involved in cooking for Master.  He’s way more picky than I’ll ever be.  Mostly because, believe it or not, He had a ridiculously sheltered childhood.  In all things.

For example, His mother fed Him hot dogs more than anything else.  She would go out and buy things like steak and chicken wings and… just really good food! for herself and then feed Him hot dogs.

I was blown away when He told me that.  My parents would take my sister and I out for a Happy Meal and then go home and eat bologna and cheese just so we could have a fun meal and play on the playground.  And they’d bitch up a storm about me not liking steak when they decided to have it for dinner cause they’d have to make me hot dogs or something.  So to hear His mom did it backwards just really ruffled my feathers.

Since the first time He told me this, I’ve been trying new recipes, new foods, talking Him into tasting things He’s had before to see if His tastes have changed.  It’s part of why we’ve gained so much weight.  I’ve spent a good deal of time trying to share my love for good food with Him.

2 – Cleaning. – This really is only something special because I never used to do it for my ex.  But I had an excuse.  I was the only one with a full-time job.  I was also the only one who took care of the kids.  On average, he got a babysitter while I was at work about three days out of six.

I’m not a neat-freak and the house is almost never 100% spotless.  He doesn’t ask for perfection.  Isn’t interested in it.  So long as things aren’t disgusting and there are more dishes clean than dirty, He’s okay with it.

I think that’s partly because He doesn’t want to relinquish what little time we have lately.  While He comes home every night, we rarely have time to do anything but watch an episode of Lost (Yes, we just started watching Lost.  No we haven’t watched any of it before now.  Yes, we are late in the game.  Master is a conforming nonconformist, I swear.).  And more often than not even that time is spent with His laptop in front of Him.

It fucking sucks, dude.

3 – Choosing His clothing. – I pick out everything.  From shirts to shoes to underwear.  I know what kinds of clothes He’s comfortable in and I find things that are stylish within that range.

It’s not that He can’t do it for Himself.  He’s perfectly capable.  Matter of fact, He’s probably more capable than I am.  It’s just that He likes me to pick out clothes I like to see Him in.  And I like it, too.

4 – Grooming. – I chose His current hairstyle.  I talked Him into wearing a mustache (And I’m glad I did. He looks so much better with it.).  And I maintain both.

I’m in the process of finding Him a new look at His request.  It’s a tough job.  Cause He never likes anything until He’s had it a while.

5 – Caring for His pets. – One of the birds is His.  One is mine (A gift from Him.  Before anyone has something to say about slaves owning stuff, it’s His belief that a slave may own what her owner allows her to own.  And He always retains the right to take my stuff away.  Even Violet.  Even though I’ve sworn to cut out His heart if He tries.  Lol).  And we share Zedd.  The fish were all His.  But I care for them all.

The only exception was changing the water in the saltwater tank.  He wouldn’t let me do that very often, and almost never without supervision, because I’m clumsy.  He was petrified I’d end up in the ER with salt burns or spill five gallons of saltwater on the carpet.

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