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SJP#299 – Domestic Service

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Write down the first 5 things that come to your mind when you think about domestic service to your partner. What is involved in these things? How are they unique?

1 – Cooking. There’s a lot involved in cooking for Master.  He’s way more picky than I’ll ever be.  Mostly because, believe it or not, He had a ridiculously sheltered childhood.  In all things.

For example, His mother fed Him hot dogs more than anything else.  She would go out and buy things like steak and chicken wings and… just really good food! for herself and then feed Him hot dogs.

I was blown away when He told me that.  My parents would take my sister and I out for a Happy Meal and then go home and eat bologna and cheese just so we could have a fun meal and play on the playground.  And they’d bitch up a storm about me not liking steak when they decided to have it for dinner cause they’d have to make me hot dogs or something.  So to hear His mom did it backwards just really ruffled my feathers.

Since the first time He told me this, I’ve been trying new recipes, new foods, talking Him into tasting things He’s had before to see if His tastes have changed.  It’s part of why we’ve gained so much weight.  I’ve spent a good deal of time trying to share my love for good food with Him. Read more…

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I iz the Kick-assest Intarwebz Slave Evar! Muahahaha

August 12th, 2009 7 comments

LOLCatSecksehGeluzCin said something to me yesterday when I was telling her how much of an asshole I am and, thinking about it this morning, I had to laugh.  Not because it was funny or anything but… Well, you’ll see.

She said to me, “A lot of M/s relationships have the facade of being all about the master, but, in most cases, they’re really not.  With Melen and you, though, it is.”

Yesterday, it didn’t even register.  The only thought in my head was, “But isn’t it supposed to be that way?” And the answer, of course, is yes.  In my relationship, I am absolutely supposed to be a martyr.  I’m supposed to worry about only what pleases Him.  If my needs get met in the process, great! But if they don’t? That’s just tough shit.

And it is that way.  Most of the time.

I mean, sure, Master usually gives me what I want when He can.  But He doesn’t only give me what I want because I want it.  I often get told no when I ask for things I want that He doesn’t think I should have.  And that’s the biggest factor.  Whether or not He wants me to have it.  Most of the time, my happiness pleases Him.  But sometimes, it clashes with what will make Him happy, and then I’m denied.

Six years ago? Hell, three years ago – especially when we were involved in the Gor channels – if someone would have said that to me, I’d have been all, “I gno! I iz teh kick-assest intarwebz slave evar! Worship my feet, imbecile!” Or something.

Because back then? Back then I was dying for someone, anyone, to recognize the sacrifices I make to be enslaved to this man.  To recognize my uber slave skillz.  Because He just didn’t.  Openly, anyway.   Read more…

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