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Webcam for… donation?

August 10th, 2009

I know it’s a long shot, what with the economy what it is.  But what’s the worst that can happen? No one’s willing? Then we’re no worse off than we were before, right?

So M and I have a webcam but it’s so old that it only works in black and white and when it feels like it.  We have big plans for ID that involve a cam.  As in, vids of us playing, possible live feeds, perhaps a vlog or two or ten.  But we don’t have the dough to invest right now.

I know.  No one has the dough to invest right now.  Which is why we’re not looking for anyone to buy us anything.  But if you’ve got a functional webcam, or even a camcorder, lying around that you don’t use, we’d love to have it.

I’m sure M would be willing to work out something cool for the donater(s).   (“Donater” is so too a word! Hush up, you!)  Like a free private show or something.  So iffn’ you’ve got one, and you’re willing to send it our way, clicky the “Contact Melen” or “Contact Rayne” links up there and let us know.  Thanks for even considering it!

If you’re trying to find me, I’ll just be under this rock over here where no one’s looking.  =D

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