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Last night? Amazing!

August 7th, 2009

MeUpsidedownI don’t remember all the details.  I’ve lost quite a few since we finally gave in to sleep after fucking through the sunrise.  But last night, for the first time in a long time, what Master wanted to be doing and what I wanted to be doing sort of clashed.  This time, He insisted on me doing what He wanted.  That was ridiculously hot.

What’s playing in my mind the most, though, is how what was intended to be a fuckfest turned into a training session.  I mean, we watched porn and He beat me and I fucked myself and Him and myself some more.  But that’s not what I keep coming back to.

What I keep coming back to is kneeling between His knees and holding my tits up for Him to beat.  What I keep coming back to is Him buckling the leather cuffs around my wrists.  What I keep coming back to is kneeling with my wrists cuffed behind me, a ball gag in my mouth and a blindfold over my eyes while He just sat and stared at me.  The porn forgotten on the television.  His eyes riveted to His slave behaving as a slave.

I didn’t wiggle.  Well, excluding when I got the excruciating foot cramp, but that doesn’t count.  I didn’t whine.  I didn’t complain.

After at least an hour of kneeling, when my knees and thighs started to ache and my feet began to go numb, I simply asked to be allowed to sit down instead of bitching and moaning.  And as soon as my limbs were feeling better, I got back into position.

He kept saying, “You’re such a good girl.” and “Look how pretty you are in your place.” and “This is where you belong, Rayne.”

He asked me how I felt kneeling there.  I wasn’t sure of the right answer but the one that came rushing forth was “Owned.”

This morning, we laid in bed for… two hours? When we woke up, we just laid there and cuddled and touched and caressed and kissed and fucked.  And last night He held me while I slept for a long time.  He can’t always do that because of all the pain He’s in on a regular basis.  I almost cried.

How on Earth could I have ever thought I didn’t want this anymore?

This morning I feel feminine and owned and… Beautiful.  I feel beautiful.  Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I’ve felt beautiful? I’m so happy.

I’m bruised from stem to stern.  My nipples are sore.  And every time He sticks His cock in me it hurts.  And I feel beautiful.

I’m kind of worried about one of the cigar burns.  He used the knotty cat on my tits and it ripped the burn up pretty good.  So I guess I’ll be cleaning it and getting some cream on it to prevent infection.

Shortly after we woke up, I threw some clothes on and ran downstairs to check the mail.  You can imagine my delight when I found this bad boy tucked nicely next to the door.  It’s smiling at me from beside my computer screen saying, “Fuck me! Try me! Review me!” Master’s working so I have to tell it no.  Poor rabbit.

Can I just say this thing is fucking adorable?  No, really.  I’ll take pictures later and show you.

Mine is sort of a glittery navy blue, which is fine with me.  My unintentional picking out of only purple toys is kinda creepy, even if it is my favorite color.  And it came with two packages of batteries (Two? Were they afraid I’d wear out the first one reviewing it? I’m so not complaining, though!) and a sample of Astroglide.  I’m gonna have fun!

So keep your eyes peeled for this review.  It’ll be my first ever vibe review!

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  1. cinnamon
    August 7th, 2009 at 18:40 | #1

    It makes me so happy to hear you say that you feel beautiful! Because you are. Sounds like you guys really enjoyed yourselves.

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