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Just… thinking.

August 4th, 2009

WindowsIt’s hard coming to the understanding that a lot of the problems in your relationship and/or life are caused by you.  It’s hard letting go of the anger, hurt and pain.  The guilt eats at you.  And, if you’re like me, you do whatever you can to deflect the blame from yourself.

I mean, there’s a huge difference between the self-loathing, “Everything I touch turns to shit.” type thoughts and actually understanding that you are the cause of a lot of your problems.

It’s exponentially more difficult letting go of the things the other person did cause and just working on what you know you need to fix.  Owning your own shit and leaving the other person to theirs.  Realizing that you can’t fix them; they have to fix themselves.  Especially with the very real possibility every couple has of one party evolving without the other looming over your head.

As I’ve said before, I could go on forever with “Well if He’d stop taking His hands off the wheel…” and “If He’d only do it this way…” and “If He’d try harder to be less grumpy…” and…

The thing is, even if I wasn’t a slave it wouldn’t be my place to try to control or change Him.  That’s not the way love is supposed to work.  When you fall in love with someone, you’re supposed to fall in love with who they are.  Not who you think you can make them into.

And I am in love with who Master is.  The problem here isn’t that I’ve lost sight of that or that He’s someone different or that I thought I could change Him.  The problem is that He’s not allowed to be who He is very often anymore.

He works all the time.

We haven’t been hiking since… before my birthday? We haven’t gone Geocaching since just after my birthday last year.  The only time either of us sees sunlight that’s not blocked by a pane of glass is when we’re walking from the house to the bus or from the bus to the store or His job.

I’ve gained thirty pounds, so, naturally, I’m freaking out again about my size and health and aesthetic appearance.  But this time, I’m being careful not to allow my failings to drag me back into that pit of wallowing despair.  And I’m not allowing myself to take my failings out on Him.  He didn’t cause them.  He hasn’t, until recently, done much to correct them, but He shouldn’t have to stand over me, whip in hand, instructing me in how to conduct my day to get me to actually do something about the things I want to change.

We talked yesterday about how sometimes I need that.  How sometimes I need to be micromanaged and forced and abused to behave.  And how sometimes I don’t necessarily need it but I really, really crave it.  And how I’ll push Him till He hits me on purpose instead of just asking to be played with.

I think somewhere in my mind I got my wires crossed.  I think I decided negative attention to my inner masochist was better than no attention to my inner masochist and I started trying to bring out the sadist in Him through His anger instead of His pleasure.  To quote Master, “That’s not good.”

I feel so cliche, right now.  Lol.

I keep fucking up, though.  Like just now.  Instead of saying to the neighbor, “I’ve gotta talk to M.” I continually told her I was busy and then still somehow managed to get myself roped into helping her with something.

With her, I don’t say “I gotta talk to M.”  I don’t say it because I know that, nine times out of ten, His answer is going to be no.  Easier to say, “I’m busy.” than tell her He said no every time she asks me to do something with her.

Course, then she’d probably stop asking.  I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that.  I mean, I don’t dislike her and the times we have gone out with her we’ve had fun.  But her not asking me to do things with her all the time would save me the trouble of saying no all the time.

Blah.  It’s hard to be a friend when you’re a slave.

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  1. August 5th, 2009 at 12:20 | #1

    Sounds like you guys are doing well and working together on this, it’s a positive, at least from my view on this end. 🙂

  2. August 5th, 2009 at 13:13 | #2


    The need to concentrate on fixing one’s self instead of one’s partner is something that crosses the vanilla/kinky boundry. Every resource I’ve ever read on the subject of how to keep a relationship together has to cover that point, and from how they cover it, it seems to be the hardest thing for people to do. It sounds like you’re trying hard at it, and there’s not much more one can ask, is there?

    As for being a friend, I think it’s hard to be a friend when you’re a slave AND the friend either doesn’t know, or doesn’t understand. Someone who wants to be your friend and understands what your slavery is about, won’t be put off by Melen’s nos. At least, I’d hope they wouldn’t be.


  3. August 6th, 2009 at 12:04 | #3

    @Amber Thaks, Amber. We’re trying!

    @dweaver999 And therein lies the problem. She doesn’t get it. But that’s not entirely her fault.

    We tip toe around her because we’re still getting to know her. We’re still learning what is too much information for her. What she’ll disapprove of so much that she won’t be able to look beyond it.

    And I realize that that shouldn’t even be a factor. We are who we are and, really, that’s no one’s business but our own. But we like her and don’t want to scare her off. It’s rare that we find anyone we actually get along with and can, for the most part, be ourselves with in this town. We’re trying not to look a gift horse in the mouth.
    .-= rayne´s last blog ..You lead. I’ll follow. =-.

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