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Masochist? Who me?

August 1st, 2009 3 comments

Ugh.  Master’s working again.  Which, I mean, I’ve got shit I could be doing.  But I don’t wanna.

I also don’t wanna share last night.  But that’s got nothing to do with not wanting to talk about it.  I just don’t want to sit at my computer typing all day.  Though I might not have a choice.  Stupid job.

All of my pink parts hurt.  My clit’s so sore I dread having to pee.

So let’s see.  Where to begin.

I started whining around 3pm that I was horny and wanted to cum.  Master said no.  He said, “Don’t you want to wait till you can spread your legs and cum for your master?”

When I said I could do both, He said, “You could, but I’d rather you hold it till I get home.  See how horny you are by then.”

Bastard.  Lol.

But wait! It gets worse!

Not only did He tell me to hold it till He got home; He also told me to plug my ass.  Bent over in front of the webcam.  While He watched from work.

Oh! I’m not only required to be naked when He’s home.  I’m now required to be naked any time I’m home unless we have company.

Well, He didn’t say that.  But if I don’t immediately strip when I walk in the door after meeting Him for lunch and returning home, He tells me to.  If I try to get dressed after getting out of the shower, He tells me not to.  So, yeah.  Pretty much a requirement. Read more…

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