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Product Review: Future Flex Turbo Dyne by California Exotics

August 31st, 2009 Comments off

SE0702-12So guess what I found when I typed “jelly ribbed vibrator blue” into Google Images?

You guessed it. Old Faithful. I was thinking Old Faithful just randomly showed up in the adult store up the road cuz I’ve been having a bitch of a time finding its maker.

But would you look at that? It’s by California Exotics. And here I thought I hadn’t tried any of their toys before.

So what can I tell you about Old Faithful?   Read more…

New Toys and New Pictures

August 30th, 2009 Comments off

Let’s see…

Yesterday, Master handed me the gift cards from Eden Fantasys and told me to go wild.  Sort of.  I still had to check my purchases with Him.  I ordered a really beautiful paddle, a new flogger, clovers cause ours are MIA and a lube by Sliquid.  I will be reviewing all of them when they finally get here.  I’m all sorts of excited for them to just be here already.

So last night, while we watched television, Master whipped me with the leather end of the leash.  A lot.  He hit me a couple times with the chain, too.

The shitty thing about the leather is it stings like a mother fucker but doesn’t leave any marks.  The chain, though.  Mmm that’s a nice thud.

Today, He took pictures while I played with Brigit for a second time.  Apparently, we both really like Brigit.  Cause every time I take her out, I spend about a minute – if that – with her alone before He’s fucking me.  I am totally not complaining.

Brigit sits perfectly against my clit and His balls when we’re doin’ it doggy style.  Seriously.  Brigit, I love you.  And I’m pretty sure M does, too.

However, I’m gonna have to start wearing that cock ring on my finger or something.  Cause every time we have sex we’re all, “Oh… shoulda tried the cock ring.  Oops.” afterward.  Lol.

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A Question About Friendship

August 30th, 2009 2 comments

I often find myself having trouble keeping up with friendships. Both on line and in real life.

I’m often dragged away from the computer without the option of saying “bbl” before I sign off. I’m not allowed to go anywhere alone so I’m always turning down “girls’ night” and coffee dates and parties.

Not so much now that I don’t work, but when I did I was always getting asked to go somewhere after work. “We’ll leave the boys home…” and that was when I had to say no. Even if I was allowed, I wouldn’t want to. It sucks being home alone while your significant other is out gallivanting.

So my questions are:

What does the phrase “being a friend” mean to you?

Do you think it’s possible for a slave to be a friend? If so, do you think that requires certain allowances on the part of the master and/or the friend?

In your mind, should a slave be allowed to have friends? If so, do you think her friends should be restricted to those her owner feels improve her somehow?

Do you allow more leniency in your friendships with slaves, knowing that their time is not their own?

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“Let’s just start over in the morning, okay?” M whispered.

August 29th, 2009 2 comments

Topfer_ReveAnd I nodded through my sobs, relief and gratitude washing over me.

I pushed a little too hard last night.  Master is no longer content to let me lead.  He’s clipped leash to collar (both literally and figuratively) and is dragging me along behind Him.

I won’t rehash the argument.  It doesn’t matter what was said.  Even if I had valid points – and I’m not even sure I did anymore – it’s kind of difficult to argue with, “I’m the master.  Not you.”

It would be so much easier if I’d remember that from the instant I get upset.

I’m still confused.  I have the right and responsibility to go to Him with problems, but I’m required to live by the “Master is always right.” creed.  I’m sure there’s a happy medium in there, somewhere, but I tend to jump from one extreme to the next.  “Oh.  You’re always right, huh? So, you don’t care if I have a problem.  You’re not interested in my happiness.”

I did say that to Him.  His response?

“You’re right.  When you’re being a cunt and ignoring my orders and disobeying my rules, I don’t give a flying fuck about your happiness.”

I kind of blinked at Him for a second.  It’s not fair for Him to be logical! That’s just fighting dirty!

He was going to release me.  It was a good long time before I could swallow my pride and ask beg Him not to.  I often say I don’t even know how to beg.  I sure figured it out in a hurry last night.

Long ago in a land not so far away (Three streets over, in fact.), when we had a spat or I was in trouble, one of the first things I would do was lick Him.  Anywhere I could reach.  Until He told me to stop or fucked me or… something.  It calmed Him down and made it easier to converse with Him.  Read more…

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Cartoons and Free Shipping!

August 28th, 2009 Comments off

So I’m a little slow on the uptake.  Cause this offer ends on the 31st.  But Babeland’s offering free shipping on orders $50 or more.  So get over there and buy something, y’all.  For real.

Did you see the nifty custom twitter button we got over there on the right? Jenpet (Gotta be a member of Fetlife to click that link.) made that for us cause she’s friggin awesome.  I absolutely adore it.  Thanks so much Jen!

And finally, I’ll leave you with a cartoon.  Click on the image to go to the website.  They’re hilarious.

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SJP#230: Revisited – Telling Family and Friends

August 27th, 2009 Comments off

How open are you to others about the lifestyle choices you make? Have you told any of your family members? What were their responses?

I had way too much to do yesterday and didn’t get to this.  Between the landlord’s less than twenty-four hours notice about a building inspection and me agreeing to do another post for Eden Cafe (I’ll be posting every Thursday, for those interested.  I know.  You read a lot of me here.  But there, I’m starting at the beginning.  I don’t talk about the beginning much here.  So if you’re interested, check it out.  The contests alone are worth it.  But there’s a crapload of information over there, too.  Scoot!) with less than twenty-four hours to get it in and…  It just wasn’t happening.

I didn’t even finish the club yesterday! Gotta get to that.  Good thing the stuff I let slide was all self-imposed, huh?

Since I just told my mom I’m bisexual, I figured I would revisit this.  Sort of.

The conversation went a little something like this:

“So how close are you to D.C.?”

“Oh.  I dunno.  Somewhere between fifty and a hundred miles.  Why?”

“Because… Well, first let me ask you a question.  How do you feel about same sex marriages?”

She paused.  I thought I was about to hear about how homosexuality is wrong and against God and so on and so forth.  Read more…

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