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SJP#112: Female Teacher

July 29th, 2009 3 comments

Write about a woman teacher who affected you in a positive way.

I’m sitting here turning this over and over in my head.  I hated all my female teachers for the most part.  I have always had issues with females in authority.

Course, there were only two or three male teachers I liked, too.  I guess I just hated authority in general in school.  Hee.

There was this one female teacher, though.  We’ll call her Ms. D.  She was my French teacher for two years in a row.  And she was awesomely cool.

We had this kid in our class who was pretty down on his luck.  He was taking French to boost his GPA.  He was failing his other courses and he already spoke French.  So he rarely did anything that wasn’t for credit and usually sat in the middle of the classroom doodling and hoping Ms. D would leave him alone.

He didn’t talk to many people.  Just me and his small circle of friends.  None of whom were in our class.

Ms. D would call on him regularly and have to repeat her question.  They would chatter back and forth making smart-assed comments to each other.  But Ms. D never overstepped her bounds as a teacher.  Everything she said to him was within her role as an educator.  Read more…

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