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500 Words: More?

July 26th, 2009

500wordsIconAuthor’s Note: This is way over 500 words.  Oh well.

You stare at her shape in the darkness.  The gentle rise and fall of her shoulders as she breathes in the cool night air.  And then she turns to face you.  And almost without thinking, your mouth finds her nipple.

She moans.

Your cock stirs.

Suddenly you’re on top of her.  Pushing her legs apart with your own.  Impaling her.

Eyelids flutter open and search for your face.  You can barely see the movement in the pitch black room.

Hands, like silk, tease the flesh of your back.  Moans, soft and sweet, tease your throat.

That slick, wanton hole milks your cock for all it’s worth as hips meet pelvis again and again.

Her tongue dances along the heat of your chest.  Tangles in your hair.  Tastes your skin.

And finally, as quickly as you started it, you finish it.  Pleasure rips through your body as your lips meet hers.  Primal need fills the air as the intensity of her moans match the intensity of your orgasm stroke for stroke.  And then you are finished.  And you lay beside her and order her to cum.

She wastes no time.  Fingers find the hardened bud trapped in so much hot, wet flesh and begin manipulating it to her will.  And then, she cums.  Loud and long and trembling as she turns toward you and nuzzles her face into your arm.

You both drift off to sleep between touches and pinches and caresses.

The soft, questioning whistle of a cockatiel tugs your eyelids open.  She whistles again.  A gentle, “May I get up now?” from behind the blanket covering her cage.  And a smile teases your lips awake as you reach for the soft shape beside you.

Teasing touches, gentle kisses and a raging hard on between you.  And you’re inside her again.

Your fist catches a handful of hair as you claim her dripping pussy from behind.

She buries her face in the pillow but you can still hear her moans.  She writhes on your cock as you hold her in place.  A quiet display of ownership.  A reminder of where she belongs.

“Is this what you’re for?”

She nods vigorously.

“What’s the most important part of you?”

Without hesitating, she breathes, “My pussy, Master.” as she slams back against you.  Frantic.  Needful.  Hungry.

You drag your fingers along her side.  Over her breasts.  Down her hips.

You pinch and claw, forcing soft whimpers from her throat.

Again, your pleasure overcomes you and you fill her cunt.

“Baby’s turn.”  you whisper, and she rolls to her back and spreads her legs.

When her body finally stops shuddering, you pull her close.  The two of you cuddle there between gentle kisses and contented sighs.  And, before long, you start your day.

Work keeps you busy as she fidgets at her computer.  And when the two of you are finally able to reconnect, an action movie is the last thing she wants to watch.

“Why don’t we pause this and put porn on? We can watch it later.”

She watches your face until you agree.

“Find something to fuck yourself with.” your voice rumbles and she flies off the couch.  You never do have to repeat that order.

“Just your boyfriend?” you ask when she returns with only one hand full.  Before the question finishes leaving your lips, she’s poised on the couch, only the turn-dial peeking out from between her swollen pussy lips.  Fluids drip on fingers and fabric as she vigorously fucks her hungry cunt.

You stand before her, cock in hand, porn ignored on the television.  Tongue wets lips as blue eyes rivet to the rigid member in your fist.

“There’s something for you to lick.” you tell her and she leans forward to wrap her lips around the head.

Her mouth is as hungry as her cunt.  And you shove her back and join her on the couch.

She grabs a wood clamp and puts it on her clit.  That’s always your cue to tease.

Your finger slides over the bit of skin poking out of the clamp.  Her back arches and her eyes close.  Her moans come in surprised gasps.  Her hips rapidly rise and fall matching the rhythm of your finger.

You stand in front of her again.  “I want to fuck you.”

Ass slides to edge and legs splay ever wider as she waits for you to enter her.  She gasps when you lift the clamp out of your way but leave it attached.  After visibly stealing herself against the pain, she lifts her eyes to yours.  Your gazes lock as you drive your cock home.  And the pain dances in her eyes.

God, that whimper.  Over and over.  Matching the rhythm of your fucking.

“Now fuck yourself.”

She shivers as you rip your cock from her, but leaves the clamp in place and begins ramming her cunt with the toy.  And when she finally does take the clamp off, it seems to only make her hotter.

“Why don’t you get on the floor in front of me?”

The battery-operated boyfriend is forgotten.  She crawls to your feet, spins around and presents her ass and cunt to you.  And you plunge in.

She arches and bucks.  Flattens and rises up.  There’s no question of whether or not she enjoys you inside of her.

She freezes mid-stroke.

“I want to be beaten.”

You’re not sure you heard her right.  “What?”

“I want to be beaten.  I want to be hurt.  I want you to beat me.”  She’s ready to leap off your cock.  Waiting for permission.

“Go get something for me to beat you with.  Or a couple somethings.”

She grins and leaps to her feet.  She returns with an armload.  A flogger, the cane, a paddle.  The couch bounces gently as she drops them and rushes back into position.

It’s been a while since she’s been this eager.

And you watch her writhe and buck under the lash.  A cacophony of moans and whimpers tormenting your loins as you ride her through the pain.

You stop abruptly.  You pull out of her again.

“Get up here and fuck yourself.”

Only this time, she begins attaching the zipper to various places on her body.  From tits to cunt lips.  And then fucks herself while they dance on her bouncing breasts.

You grab the end hanging off her pussy and yank.  She yelps.


This time she strings them from one breast to the other being sure to clamp the nipples as well.

“Get on your knees in front of me.”

She braces herself but you, instead, shove her face to your crotch.  Plump rose encases your shaft and you fist your big hands in her pigtails.  Using hair as handles, you violently fuck her face, then hold yourself buried deep in her throat.

“Turn around.”

She kneels up expectantly.

“Leave them.”

Fear clouds her gaze as she spins to present her sex and she holds her body rigid to avoid bumping the clothespins while you fuck her.

“On your knees, slut.”

Slowly, she turns to face you.  Slowly, she gets into position.

“This is gonna hurt.”  You grin at her wickedly.

The clothespins come off with a loud snap and she screams.  It’s too much.  And she throws herself into your arms and begins to cry against your throat.  Her fingers claw at your back.  Her mouth opens and closes reflexively as her tongue darts out to taste your skin.  And her hips never stop moving as you grind your fingers into her nipples.

“Where do you want my cum, whore?”

Her eyes meet yours and she says, “Where ever it would please you most, Master.”

She wants it on her face but doesn’t want to say it.

“Where do you want it?”  You make her say it.

“On my face, Master.”  She blushes a brilliant pink and ducks her head.

You face fuck her a while and then explode over her open mouth and waiting face.  She begins licking her lips.


Again, she performs for you.

Minutes after resettling on the couch to watch your action movie, her fingers are in her pussy.


She nods.

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