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Heads Up!

July 19th, 2009

Ages ago, I used to read the blog of a writer.  She’s not famous.  She’s been published but I don’t even know the names of her books.  I was never really interested in her writing.  Good masturbation material but not something I was really interested in.

I read her because her words were magnetic and because she had a million and one suggestions to rid yourself of writer’s block.  A million and one suggestions I made faces and half-assed attempts at before promptly chalking up as worthless.

I really don’t know why I do the stupid shit I do.

Anyway!  500 Words was something she did.  She wrote five hundred words at regular intervals (every other day or something).  Whatever came to mind.  Not always in proper sentence structure.

Once, it was this giant blurb of five hundred random words that popped into her head over the course of an hour.  She was just that blocked.

Sundays are going to be my 500 Words days.  At least, for now.  Until M gets around to setting up my task schedule.

I’ve decided to try my hand at Microfantasy Monday and Flash Fiction Friday.  I’m done fiddle farting around.  I either need to do something with my writing or accept the possibilty that I’m never going to be published as fact.  I’m not ready to say die yet.

So… just letting you know what you have to look forward to here.  Have a great Sunday. 🙂

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