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Corner of Bryce and Vanguard

July 19th, 2009

FictionIcon“You’re listenin’ with Jimmy Jive and that was Duke Ellington on WKIT FM.  Comin’ up after the break we got Louis and Dizzy, in that order so keep your dial right where it is, folks. WKIT.”

Jerry rolled her eyes as the reel of commercials played for the third time that night.  She rifled through her purse with her right hand to find a pack of Marlboros and slid one out.  After tucking it between her lips, she pushed the lighter in and waited impatiently for it to pop back out again.  Nothing was moving fast enough to suit her.

Louis’s gravelly voice blared from the speakers of her red Trans Am as she blew through the intersection.  Her eyes didn’t even flick to the light.  Her foot felt like lead as she rushed to the hospital to find out how Ariana was.

There was a sudden jerk as the car skidded seemingly of its own accord into the left lane.  As if in slow motion, Jerry turned her head to the right just in time to see a man explode through the windshield of a Hummer. She watched in awe as his body tumbled over the roof of her car.

“Oh my god.  Oh my god!” Jerry screamed as her head hit the steering wheel and the lights went out.


“Caleb, I said green.  No! Andie hates red.  It has to be green.  I don’t care what you have to do to make it green.  You should have ordered the green one to begin with.  What the hell am I…”

All of a sudden, Pacey was thrown through the windshield.  As he tumbled over the top of what looked like a red Trans Am, he began to scream.  He put his arms over his head, hoping to protect his neck, and tried not to fight his body’s momentum.

Whatever he did, it worked.  Pacey was alive when it was over.  In a lot of pain, but alive.

“Help me! Somebody call nine-one-one! Holy fuck.  Help me! Oh fuck.  It hurts.  It fucking hurts, man. Somebody help me!”


Marcy sat at the light thinking about the day she’d just had.  Memories of hot skin and sweat against her tongue flashed through her mind as she waited her turn.  His hands on her breasts and his cock thrusting in and out of her slick pussy.

Her face flashed red as she grew warm between the legs.  She’d never had a lover like Johan.  Even her husband couldn’t compare.

A loud crash shook Marcy from her reverie.  At first, she thought she’d been hit.  But when she turned to see who was behind her, she found the road empty.

Marcy turned back to the front of the car and saw the horrendous mess in front of her.  “Oh my god.” she said aloud to no one.

The light turned green and Marcy didn’t move.  She stared at the wreckage unsure of what to do.  As her right hand fumbled for her cell, she glanced across the intersection to her right at the sedan waiting its turn to go.  The couple looked as shocked as she was.

She looked beyond the sedan and saw a news crew climbing out of a van.  She tried to remember if they were there before but couldn’t.  She was too lost in her thoughts of Johan.  She decided they must have been since she hadn’t even had time to call the police.

That’s when the man’s screams broke through her thoughts and reality set in.  A news crew.  Red would see her there.  She was supposed to be on the other side of town.

Marcy stomped on the gas as she hurriedly dialed nine-one-one.

“Nine-one-one, what’s your emergency?”

“I’m at the corner of Bryce and Vanguard.  There’s been an accident.  I didn’t see what happened and I can’t stay.  There’s a man screaming on the ground and the lady isn’t moving in the Trans Am. Hurry.” Marcy hung up the phone and sped toward where she was supposed to be.


“Oh my god.  She’s just going to leave?”

“Now Marta, maybe she’s got someplace to be.”

“You’re supposed to stop.  You’re supposed to be here when the cops get here.”

“So write down her license plate number.  I’m calling nine-one-one.” Reggie dialed and put the cellphone to his ear as he climbed out of the car and walked toward the screaming man.

Marta reached for the notebook they kept tucked in the glove box just in case.  She knew it would come in handy some day.  And that news van had been behind them for three miles.  Now was her chance to be somebody.  She hurriedly scribbled the number in the book and leaped from the car, leaving the book on the seat.

“Reggie, you know first aid.  Why don’t you go help that man? Where’s the driver of the Trans Am? Oh, God, is she still in that car? Is she all right? Reggie, don’t just stand there.  Go look at them!”

“Marta, if you don’t shut up… Can’t you see I’m on the phone with dispatch? Go see if the woman’s awake.  Now, Marta.  Go!”;

Marta obediently walked toward the Trans Am just as the sirens began to drown out the man’s screams.  “Miss? Miss, are you okay?”

When the woman didn’t answer, Marta reached her hand into the driver’s window and felt for a pulse.  She found a steady one.  “Reggie! She’s alive!”

She didn’t think he heard her.  The intersection was now alive with lights and sirens.


As the bus skidded to a stop, Bart sprang from the passenger side, his kit clutched tightly in his left hand.  “I’ll check the screamer.  You go see how the lady’s doing.”

“Do you think that’s wise? The screamer’s probably bleeding.”

“Shut the fuck up, Stevo.  That was two months ago.”

Both men laughed as they sauntered over to their patients.

“Sir, are you okay?” Bart asked of the screaming man.  Stevo laughed under his breath as he heard the man’s frantic reply.

“Hell-fuckin-no I ain’t okay mother fucker! You think I’m screaming for my health? Holy fuck it hurts.  You got some pain meds in that black bag of yours? Please, god, say you’ve got some mother fucking pain meds.”


“Five milligrams, every five minutes.  You know the drill.  She’s alive but unconscious.  I’m gonna call another bus and get the stretcher.  Good thing our spare backboard came in today.”

Bart began setting up to put an IV in the man.  “So is there anywhere it doesn’t hurt? I’d like to remedy that with this needle.”

The man grimaced a smile and held up his right arm.  “I think this one’s okay.”

Bart smiled.  “Minus the road rash and broken bone.  How ’bout I cut your shirt off real quick and we’ll put it in your bicep.  I promise not to hurt the guns too bad.”

The smile fell from his face and he had his game face on.  The one Stevo said gave him away as a rookie.  But he was concentrating too hard on not bumping any of the man’s wounds to care.  “Wanna tell me what happened?”

Just then, Stevo wheeled the stretcher up and placed a backboard on the ground.  “Let’s get him on the stretcher first.  That way we don’t bump the IV.”

They bent to their work as a team of firefighters joined them.  “What can we do to help?”

Stevo lifted his head as they pulled the straps as tight as they dared around the man’s broken legs.  “Get her out of that car.  I didn’t see any leaks or sparks, but they hit pretty hard.  I haven’t had a chance to check her out.  She’s alive and she has her seat belt on.  That’s all I know.”

“Okay.  Got another bus on the way?”

“Yeah.  ETA five minutes.”

“Right on.”

Stevo watched the officers walk up to the older couple they’ed waved off when they pulled in.  He shook his head as the woman lost interest in the police and walked over to the news crew.  Bart followed his gaze.

“What is it about people that brings out their worst in the worst times?”

Stevo shrugged as he pulled up the side of the stretcher.  “Let’s get this guy some help.”

They loaded the stretcher in the bus and Bart stayed in back.

“Wow.” A voice mumbled from below him.  Bart glanced down at the injured man.  “No wonder people get hooked on this shit.”

Bart laughed.  “It’s nice, huh?”


As the car full of teen-aged girls neared the intersection, the last of the emergency vehicles was just pulling off.  A crew of four men were loading the vehicles onto a flatbed.

“Holy shit! Do you see that?”

A loud snap shattered the silence as one of the girls popped her gum in boredom.

“Yeah, that’s what Mark Johnson’s car looked like last summer.  Member, Allison? When he drove his convertible into that telephone pole? His parents were totally cool about it, too.  Bought him a new car and everything.”

“Melly broke up with him, though.  Something about him driving drunk.”

“Yeah. Whatever.  Melly’s a dumb bitch, anyway.”

“I wonder if anyone was hurt.”


“I said I wonder if anyone was hurt.”

“What do you care, Caroline? Did you know one of them?”

“No.  I was just…”

“If you don’t know one of them, then who cares?”

Caroline blushed as the rest of the girls laughed.

Allison made a left onto Bryce and asked, “Which way to Jackie’s again?” as she pulled out of the intersection.

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