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In other aMAZing news…

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GregGrunbergI twittered with Greg GrunbergThe Greg Grunberg, mind reader extraordinaire.  As in, Matt Parkman from Heroes.  As in, one of three stars I’ve allowed myself to crush over in my adult life.

His tweets crack me up.  The other day, he was talking about a dream with some chick in a vegetable garden.  And he was promising not to say “vagina” anymore while repeatedly saying “vagina”.

Doesn’t he look yummy in black leather?  And what’s with that look on his face?  I bet he has a great “What the fuck do you think you are doing?” look.  Ya think?

You think he’s kinky?  Like maybe he has a whip in his closet?  Or some handcuffs left over from playing a cop?

I twittered with Greg Grunberg.  That’s the coolest thing that’s happened to me since Master.  And by since Master, I mean, of course, all that being with Master has entailed.

I wonder if he and his wife swing.  Cause if so, I’m so moving to…  Where ever the hell he lives.

I’m now working on getting Christian Bale to talk to me.  Y’all realize that if he does you won’t hear from me, right?  I’ll be catatonic with glee.

Update: Christian Bale talked to me!  I am officially in heaven.

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Please don’t stop the music. This is my favorite song.

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headinhandsSo the other day, when Master and I got into that fight, He grabbed me by the hair and shoved me to my knees with my face on the floor to get my attention.  And He got it.  As well as the attention of the new bitch downstairs.  Which brought the budding KAP who used to live downstairs up to see if I was alright.

It was the middle of the afternoon and they said they didn’t know Master was home.  They heard me walking around and then heard a loud bang like I’d fallen.  I can only imagine just how loud the bang was.  I’m a big girl.

So…  I said I fell.  My toe got caught in my pants leg, like it always does (The KAP has seen me almost fall down the stairs this way more than once), and I fell.

They opened it up for me and it was easier than trying to explain what really happened with the new woman downstairs standing in the hallway.  We haven’t had “the talk” with her yet.  At this rate, we’ll probably move instead.  She’s kind of a cunt.  I don’t like cunts.  Of her grade, anyway.

Later, when I wasn’t around, the KAP lectured Master about how hitting me in anger makes Him an asshole.  Like we haven’t, at length, discussed our relationship with her.

It happened again yesterday.  Not the floor slamming.  The fighting.  I… am a genius. Read more…

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