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I did it again.

July 10th, 2009 3 comments

headinhandsI’m not sure how many of you noticed that ID was among the missing for a while yesterday.  As was Mindcryme.  I caused it.  Apparently, arguing with an m-type about something you want to keep is not the best idea in the world.  Who knew?

For those of you who’ve noticed I’ve removed myself from every group not owned by me or a friend, I’m on thin ice with FetLife and I’m taking a self-imposed break.

I’m hoping that taking these steps will be enough of a shield for me.  I’m extremely vulnerable right now.  And I’m fighting asking permission to put my part of ID on hiatus and going into hiding for a while.

I shoulda known the good was leading to bad.  Bad caused by me… as always.

Master said if I go back through my blog, I’ll find that I cause bullshit about once a month and end up feeling like an asshole every time.  I don’t need to go through my blog to see it.  I know it.  At least once a month, either I lose control or I just don’t feel like controlling myself or… something. Read more…

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