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Medical Decisions: Who Makes Them?

July 7th, 2009 6 comments

NoSafetyPoliceThere was a conversation over on FetLife about medical decisions.  It’s pretty much over now because the couple got sick of hearing the M-type was an abusive asshole for his decision.  But I think it was one hell of a question and would have been an excellent discussion if the bullshit “You’re being abused!” comments were left out of it.  (Besides, I think he made the right decision.  So fuck all you safety police.)

I’m so sick to death of the false criers of abuse and safety police.  They make me so sad.  Are their lives so miserable that they have to attempt to make everyone else’s miserable, too?


Medical decisions.  The OP asked:

In areas of medical situations regarding the s-type, does the general decision-making lie with the s-type who looks for approval from the M/O? Or does the M/O take the initiative and informs the s of the decision? How does it work in the actual doctors office?

While there has been no official passing of the torch, or glances between us, or discussion, or anything like that, M makes all my medical decisions.

He decides when I go to the doctor.  He decides what procedures I endure.  He decides what changes are made to my medication, way of life, diet, etc.  Read more…

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