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Midday Fuckfest

June 29th, 2009

buttSo I was pretty convinced the picture-taking wasn’t going to happen.  It’s hard relinquishing our “hang out and relax” time to performing.  In front of or behind the camera.  But relinquish it we did.  And pictures were taken.  Pictures I don’t ever want anyone to see.  Well… except one or two.

I suck at the whole model-face thing.  And I’d just sit and look normal except my “sit and look normal” face looks like “uber bitch” to everyone else.  So I’m gonna have to start practicing facial expressions in the mirror or something.  Seriously.

Master wasn’t watching my face.  He was watching my pussy.  Through the lens of His camera.  As I thrusted my BOB in and out over and over.

He kept telling me what to do.  “Okay now play with your clit.”  “Fuck yourself some more.”  “Hold it open so I can beat it.”  *screeching halt* What?

I tried.  I swear to god, I tried (Yes, I see the irony in me swearing to something I don’t believe in).  Can I just say that shit fucking hurts?  Especially when He’s hitting as hard as He can there first.  But He really was trying to rip my pussy lips off with the flogger to find a happy medium.  Somewhere between gruesome torture the way He likes to hit and feather like caresses how much my pussy can handle right off the bat.  Apparently I’m more of a warm-up girl than I realized.

“Plug your computer into the T.V. so I can find something to watch.”

And I’m guessing He read my blog about Lots O’ Fuckin, cause He fucked all three holes in one sitting.

It started with me on the couch fucking myself with Big Blue and then I moved to the floor with my ass in the air so He could fuck my cunt and watch these two bored looking semi-decently cute chicks get fucked into oblivion by a gaggle of guys.  I didn’t bother counting.  I was having trouble getting into it as it was.  Counting would have killed it even more.

He likes to tease me.  To fuck me for a minute or two and then take His cock away.  And yesterday afternoon was no different.  Once He got His fill of pussy, He ordered me back on the couch to play with my pussy some more.

I’ve long since forgotten the progression.

I remember being on my knees between His legs and licking His balls while He rubbed off on my cheek.  His cock was slick with cunt juice and slid nicely over my face.  The aroma of us hung thick in the air.

He decided to finish up in my ass.  Not that He came in my ass, mind.  That He reserved for my face.

I am not an ass-to-mouth kinda girl.  Well.  Okay.  I wasn’t an ass-to-mouth kinda girl.  But there’s something amazingly hot about Him ripping it out of my ass, spinning me around and cumming all over my face.  After ordering me to “Get your tongue on it, cunt.”

I guess in that sense I’ve been kind of a prude.  Cause before M brought it up a year or so ago, I’d never even considered the possibility.  And until recently, I balked every time.  This time, He asked me where I wanted His cum while He was obliterating my ass.  And I blushed and said, “On my face.”

Oh and there was lots of beating.  With the kangaroo flogger and the paddle.  Odd for me to forget that part, huh?  I was totally into how whorish I felt.  That was the turn on.  Not that the beating didn’t add to that.

Yeah.  It was pretty hot.

What we’re fucking to:  (Please, if you’re horny in the slightest, fast forward through the hideous intro scene and keep the volume off.  Consider yourself warned.)

Now that the fucking part is out of the way, I’ve decided to include a “What we’re fucking to” section in my lame sex blogs.  At least after all that boring reading you’ll have something to look at.  But I totally fail, this time, cause the only awesomeness about the above clip is that those chicks are effing whores!

My turn?

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