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Babble is My Middle Name

June 25th, 2009
Happy half naked Thursday!

Happy half naked Thursday!

Oh, hey!  Today’s Thursday, iddnit?  Well, darn it all, I’ve just been so busy.

Doing what, you ask?  Well, going back to work.

Yeah… It really sucks.  I have to get up early in the morning, get Master ready, get me ready and then commute to my job.  At my desk.

I can’t talk about what it is yet.  I’m nervous and excited at the same time.  And the best part is not having to leave the house to do it.  Okay… that’s not the best part.  But it’s a really awesome part!

So I’ve been reading the “handbook” and getting things together I’m going to need when I start (probably this weekend) and… And driving myself insane with the details like I tend to do.

What else?

Cin is MIA.  Like, for freaking real!  I haven’t seen hide nor hair of that girl for… two days.  I’m insulted.  Okay not really.  Just bored.  Cause Kaya’s always so freaking busy with the house and Carrie’s like… mute these days and everybuddy else took off to never-never land and it takes all of five minutes to clean my house (Okay, more like an hour. But still!) cause it’s so damn tiny.

Oh! So!

Master and I were talking the other day.  And I was getting all pouty cause we haven’t taken pictures in ages.  And I started talking about some cliche poses I’ve seen (cliche cause everyone’s done it once) that I’d really like to do anyway.  Just cause we never have and I think it would be fun.  And pretty.  And romantic.

Ah, the romance.

So we’re gonna.  Yeah.  We’re gonna start taking pictures again.  Speaking of which, I should probably go plug His battery in.  Stay tuned!

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