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Lots o’ Fuckin!

June 21st, 2009

CoupleVectorMaster fucked all three holes in twenty-four hours.

I hear ya.  I hear ya.

What’s so unusual about that?

Well, ya see…  It is very unusual for Master to fuck all three holes in twenty-four hours.  Matter of fact, if He fucks my mouth and pussy in the same day it’s odd.  He’s the type that decides on a hole and sticks with it for that day.  Or maybe for a week.  There were a couple months where I was lucky if He was in anything but my mouth.  No lie.

I’m not sure that He does it consciously.  Matter of fact, He probably doesn’t even realize He does it.  Well, until He reads this, that is.

But you see…  This is what happened.

We’re watching South Park, okay?  And we’re both a little intoxicated.  Okay, we’re both a lot intoxicated.  And I really don’t remember what prompted it but He said something about “Why don’t you touch your cunt, Cunt?” or something and I thought I was in for a night of serious hurting.  I was totally ready for a night of serious hurting.

I got my night of serious hurting… just not the way I expected to.

Apparently, just gathering the clamps I could find was enough to give Master an unbearable hard-on.  Cause I’d only clamped my nipples once and my clit twice before He said, “I think you should get on your hands and knees in front of me.”  I hadn’t even brought the paddle or cane out.  Just the slut-paddle.  And I brought that out with the intention of beating my pussy.

His new thing is sitting on the couch while I’m on my hands and knees and fucking me that way.  I’m not complaining!  It’s hot as hell.  I can’t comfortably look at the porn on the television so it’s similar (at least in my mind) to Kaya’s under-the-desk experience.

Speaking of porn, shortly after telling me to touch my cunt, He put porn on.  And He found this vid that was so fucking hot.  I stared with my jaw on the floor and grasped His shoulder.  I was so turned on I forgot about touching my cunt.  I didn’t need to.  Watching the video was getting me hotter than touching my cunt could have.  I’m not gonna describe it.  You’re just gonna have to watch it.

When I was on the floor on my hands and knees, He put His dick in my pussy first but that lasted all of five minutes.  He wanted it in my ass.  Which is utterly bizarre.  Cause, if I’m not bleeding, even begging doesn’t usually get Him in my ass.  Which is also strange cause He really likes ass-fucking.

It hurt.  God did it hurt.

He almost never gives me all of it.  We fuck in such odd positions that it’s damn near impossible for Him to stick His whole cock in my ass.  Which is just fine with me because I never used to be an ass slut.  When guys asked, they got a “Hell-fucking-no! You crazy?”  (I tried, “Only if I can stick my vibe up your ass.” once, but the guy said, “That sounds hot.”)  So taking Master’s whole cock hurts like hell.

Of course, this new position with Him sitting on the couch and me on my hands and knees in front of Him leaves me completely vulnerable to whatever sick twisted painful thing He can come up with.  And that night, His idea of “Fun Ways to Hurt Rayne” was to stick all nine inches in my ass.

He asked first.  Wasn’t that chivalrous of Him?

And, of course, I said yes.  How could I not?  He already had four inches in my ass and His hand on my waist.  I had no where to go.  And the way He was poised to strike?  Yeah, He was burying it in my ass whether I wanted Him to or not.

I love that about Him.  How He’s not the least bit scared to just take what He wants regardless of whether or not I want to give it to Him.

You know that pain that curls your toes and makes you want to crawl through the floor?  Yeah… One quick thrust and the only thing holding me in place was that hand on my waist.  I didn’t scream.  But I moaned real loud.  And breathing was tough for a minute.  But He was nice and sat still long enough for me to process the pain.  And then started vigorously fucking my ass like it was going out of style.

Jesus Christ, was it hot.

He likes to tell me when He’s about to cum and I love hearing it.

Do other guys do that?  I have a knack for picking lame fucks (besides Master, of course) so I have no idea.  Before Master, if the guys I slept with grunted, I felt blessed.  Mostly it was a couple quick pumps and a “Thanks.” at the end.  I’m not kidding.

And then He told me to get myself off.  And it was embarrassing as all get out kneeling there with my weight resting on an elbow and my fingers furiously working my clit while His cum dripped down the crack of my ass and plopped onto the carpet.  All there in His face for Him to see.

Before He came, He warned me that when He was done I was going to be putting on a show for Him.  Fucking myself on the couch while He watched.  After I came, He sent me to get the bed ready for Him and we went to bed.

But I could still feel His cock in my ass.  And I couldn’t stop thinking about how bad it hurt all the way through to the end.  How hot it was that I fucked Him just as hard as He was fucking me even though the pain was excruciating.  And how awesome it was to hurt that bad just by being fucked.

I started whining about wanting to fuck Him.  Laying in bed, drunk as a skunk, running my hands all over His back and belly and chest and legs, I started whining about wanting to fuck.  He didn’t say a word.  Didn’t even so much as moan.  I thought maybe He was alseep.  Until I ran my hand down to His cock and He promptly rolled onto His back to give me better access.

I swear I was touching Him for two seconds before He murmured “Sit on it, slut.”  And He didn’t have to tell me twice.  I hopped up on that bad boy and rode it for all it was worth.  At least, I think.  I don’t remember much past “Sit on it, slut.”  Damn booze, anyhow.

Yesterday, while I was making lunch, He told me to lick His balls.  I’d asked Him for something.  Something little and unimportant.  I can’t, for the life of me, remember what it was right now.  And Master said, “Okay, but you’ll have to lick Daddy’s balls, little girl.”  And I kind of smiled and went about my business.  But then He pulled His balls out and said, “Lick Daddy’s balls, little girl.”

I got all embarrassed and squirmy the way I do when I’m accepting an award or listening to someone compliment me.  But I got on my knees and started licking His balls.

It feels so nice being there.  On my knees, my face buried in His crotch, feeling His cock harden against my cheek.  And at first, He was content to let me up once His balls were thoroughly soaked.  Said something like, “Okay, make lunch, baby.”  But His the warmth of His cock and balls through the thin fabric of His boxers felt so nice against my face.  And I do so love worshipping His cock.  So I kept rubbing my face against Him and breathing deeply to smell Him through the fragrance of soap and fabric softener.

And next thing I knew, my face was rubbing skin.  And then He had His cock aimed for my mouth and His fist in my hair.  And He face fucked me.  Kneeling there fully clothed.  While lunch sat not even started on the counter.

I sputtered and grunted and moaned.  I wiggled around trying to find a comfortable position but kneeling while wearing a wide canvas belt and flip-flops just ain’t comfy.  I couldn’t breathe.  When He wasn’t cramming His cock down my throat He was aiming it toward the roof of my mouth and closing off my nasal passage.  And it was hot as fuck!

When He was finished, He told me I could get up.  But instead, I leaned down to kiss and lick His feet.  It just felt… right that I do so.

So that’s how our weekend went.  With a bunch of boring, normal, every day Melen and Rayne stuff thrown in, of course.  How was yours?

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