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img_9949Every family has traditions.  Even if their tradition is to not follow any traditions.

We’re still working on ours.  It seems time is never on our side.

One of our best traditions is planning to buy a tree the day after Thanksgiving.  Notice I said “planning”.  We plan for it.  We tell each other adamantly, “Don’t forget, we have to go tree shopping the day after Thanksgiving.” at least once a week starting about the middle of October.

Last year, we didn’t even buy a tree.  We just weren’t into Christmas.  The year sucked and October and November sucked and December consisted of us trying to pull ourselves back together again.  Licking wounds and clinging to each other for dear life.

But we’ve never actually bought a tree on the day after Thanksgiving.  Not once.  Something always prevents us from doing so.  And we laugh about it every year.  How we planned to start a tradition and every year something got in the way.

Master’s trying to start a new tradition.  Each of us cooks a big dinner on the weekend.  Tonight, He decided, is His night.  Chicken curry, vegetable curry and rice.  Read more…

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