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Reward for Service? Part Deux

June 17th, 2009 4 comments

excellentserviceaward1I thought I’d expand on Reward for Service? a bit.

When I say I expect a reward for my service, I don’t mean I expect Him to come home with flowers every day or flog me to beautiful, bursting orgasms or allow me to choose dinner or anything like that.  I just mean an occasional, “You did a good job, slave.” here and there.

Or like the other day when He was picking on me about being on point for an extended period of time for once.  He kept saying, “What ever will we do if you suddenly are Super Slave?  How will I justify beating you?”  He wasn’t being mean-spirited.  He was letting me know He’d noticed I’d stepped up my game.  Letting me know He was pleased without making a huge deal about something I should be doing anyway.

Or even just being able to watch Him relax when He walks through the door knowing there’s nothing He has to talk to me about or have me do.  Listening to His breathing slip quickly and easily into that deep, even pattern that eventually becomes soft snoring because, whatever happened at work, I made His evening better.  Read more…

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