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June 5th, 2009

reckless_rabbit_depotNo, not the cute cuddly kind. The sex toy kind.

Has anyone else tried these?

The reason I ask is, my friend and I used to do sex toy parties and the only thing I ever bought for myself (Yes, I know how lame this is.) was this cock ring type vibratey thing that I threw out when the ex and I split. The third or fourth to last time.

It had two points of contact. One was a cylinder with a domey head at the perineum and the other was a rabbit to stimulate the clit. And, of course, the ring that went around the dick.

And let me tell you. I fucking hated it.

I tried it every way to Sunday. By itself. On him the right way. On him upside down. Backwards. With lube. Without lube. He loved it. Would beg me to let him wear it. And I fucking hated it.

It just hurt. And not in the “OMFG! That feels AWESOME!” kind of way, either. But the “Jesus Christ if you don’t get that fucking thing away from me I’m going to cut off your dick and feed it to you right before I stab you in the stomach and leave you to die.” kind of way.

So! I’m wondering if anyone else has had any experience with these? Am I doing it wrong? Cause, god damn, this one sucked.

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