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Life is Good

June 2nd, 2009

We have company.  I’m not sure how long.  It’s rough but we’re surviving.

Master asked for a few things He thinks will make His life easier at work and was granted them.  So that should ease some of the stress surrounding His job.  Fingers crossed.

I’m… behaving!  Can you believe it?  An occasional sarcastic remark, but He’ll quietly remind me of my mouth (or not so quietly, depending on the severity of my attitude) and I… shut up!  Apparently the fear of the Week in May was enough to shake me out of the circle I was in.

The Week in May was amazing.  Blissful and quiet and…  We spent a lot of time just talking and relaxing and figuring out where we stand with each other.  The past eight months have been stressful all around and, true to form, we turn our stress on each other.  So it was nice to have almost an entire week with nothing to worry about.

He did play with me some.  He talked to me about my behavior and stepped up how quickly He reacts to my changes in attitude.  But mostly we just concentrated on each other.  I don’t think we’ve ever had a week of just us before in the seven years we’ve been together.

I’ve got a better understanding of Him and my place than I had before.  And we’ve both come to realize that sometimes things need to be lax, if only so I’m not on punishment 24/7.  Lol.  But I am also realizing that things being lax, for whatever reason, doesn’t give me the right to be a cunt.  No matter how much I feel I need that tight leash.

So that’s where we stand.  Life is good.  It’s about damn time.

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  1. June 2nd, 2009 at 12:14 | #1

    Awesome, I’m happy for you both!

  2. June 2nd, 2009 at 15:04 | #2

    @Amber Thanks 🙂

  3. cinnamon
    June 2nd, 2009 at 16:06 | #3

    That is so cool! I’m glad for you guys!

  4. June 2nd, 2009 at 16:18 | #4

    @cinnamon Me too! Thanks 🙂

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