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Update: Week in May

May 28th, 2009 3 comments


This week was supposed to be a week of retraining and micromanagement. Lots of punishment and conversation and bondage and brainwashing.

And I dreaded it. Right up to the very moment Master came home Friday evening.

I was petrified of how hard on me He’d be and how emotional it was going to be and what things would be like when we came out the other side.  And then He came home Friday night and took me to the convenience store to grab a couple 20oz Smirnoffs (though I ended up buying Parrot Bay Mojito instead… good stuff!).  We sat on the couch all comfy cozy and drank our bottles and watched South Park.

Yes.  South Park.  It’s funny.  Shut up.

I didn’t even cook that night.  He did.  He made beef and vegetable curry.  Well, okay I made the rice. Minute rice. Which requires boiling water, pouring in rice and letting it sit for five minutes.  So… I didn’t even cook that night.

That’s when the nagging thought of “Just one more thing He said He’s going to do that’s going to be pushed to the wayside.” started eating at the back of my mind. Read more…

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