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“He’s the dominant!”

May 5th, 2009

Three words that grate on my nerves so bad I actually have to count to ten before responding when I see them.

Passing the buck. Shirking one’s duties. Denial of responsibility.

Three phrases consisting of three words that I want to respond with.

So many so often say things like “It’s not my fault. He’s the master.” and “I have no control therefore I have no responsibility.”

I’m sorry but I call bull shit.

These relationships, just like any other, are two way streets.

I understand taking that point of view when it comes to something you’ve been trained to do. An odd way of taking out the garbage. Ignoring someone who doesn’t deserve it. Wearing mismatched clothes.

But when you’re breaking a rule? Are you serious? It’s his fault you broke a rule?


How on Earth did he cause you to break a rule? And, provided he corrects you when it happens, how on Earth is a repeat offense his fault?

It really must be nice to sit back on your pretty jeweled pillow and have no responsibility whatsoever for your own actions. I want that stat. +25 to Passing the Buck on my next collar, please. And don’t forget to add +25 to Charm and Intelligence so I have the ability to convince M it’s His fault.

On Fet today I was reading a thread in which the OP asked how to handle your owner having a significant other who knows about the relationship but doesn’t like you for whatever reason. And someone blamed the master for the hostility.

True, if he does, in fact, want to own both of these women he should be putting his foot down with whoever is causing trouble. True, the man should be, in some way, shape or form, attempting to even out his time and interactions between the two women to alleviate some of the jealousy.

But there are three people involved in this relationship. Surely, they all share the responsibility of making it work? Don’t they?

I’m so sick of seeing people tell others that their owners are inferior. That they need to step up to the plate. And that the slave bears no responsibility for her own actions.

If the action is in direct relation to training, sure! Blame the master! I’ll blame him too! And I’ll flat out tell him, if I’m asked, that he’s fucking up and needs to change his training methods. I’m to the point like that.

But if she’s fucking up? Pull up your britches and accept responsibility for your actions, shortcake. We’re all grown ups here. Even the age-players.

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