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Zeddy Bear

April 28th, 2009

That’s Zedd’s new name, dontcha know. More often than not, I just call him Bear. But he answers to Asshole, Shithead, Stupid Bird, Birdie Butt (That’s Master’s nickname for him.) and Loud Ass Bitch. Or just Bitch for short.

Kaya got me all sorts of bird stuff for my birthday (As an aside, I told our downstairs neighbor my friend got me “bird shit… tons of toys and food and stuff” for my birthday. She said, “Well, at least it was toys and food and not actual bird shit. That would’ve been a ‘shitty’ friend.” I thought that was kinda funny and just had to share.). A double swing for small birds with a mirror and play station in the middle, connected rings with a bell on the end, connected cat balls with the bells in the middle and this toy made of wooden blocks and plastic beads with a bell on the bottom just like the one I have for Baby and Sunshine that Zedd’s been trying to steal from them since we brought Him home. Not to mention millet spray and a pineapple calcium supplement and honey dipped bird seed. The birds are in bird heaven.

The connected rings are different shapes. A sun, a star, a cloud and some weird ass shape I can’t figure out. It’s green, the weird ass shape. I’m not sure if that’s significant. But it is to Zedd! Green’s his favorite color.

We only just figured this out today.

He likes to play with the rings with me. They’re clipped to the top of his cage so he has something to play with when he’s outside. Only thing he plays with inside his cage are bells. I think it’s because of how big his cage is. He can hardly reach his toys! I’m going to have to pick up some twine or something so I can hang them lower.

And the ring he plays with is the green one. Just the green one. He’ll play with the silver bell on the end and the silver hook on the other end. But he doesn’t touch the other rings unless they’re in his way. It’s adorable.

That’s life in the Melen and Rayne household. We play with the birds more than we play with each other! We’re boring. Lol.

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