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April 26th, 2009

So Master beat me last night…


We had fun!

I don’t really remember what all He used. But I think He damn near went through His entire arsenal.

Remember the cane we found at the abandoned house? He broke it on my back last night.

He’s still using the splintered one and it cut me up pretty bad. I stepped in the shower this morning and my back started to sting like crazy. That’s when I made my mistake. I asked Master to come wash my back for me.

I could feel all the little cuts and scrapes and I wanted to make sure they were clean but I don’t have eyes in the back of my head. So I did the next best thing. I asked Him to come wash it for me.

There’s this comedian who talks about needing a little opera singer with a sign who pops out and sings “Mistake!” any time you’re about to make a bad decision. I need one of those.

So I soap up the loofa and hand it to Master. And at first, it’s no big deal. He’s just barely rubbing it over my back. Till He bumped one of the scrapes and I winced. Then He started scrubbing. And laughing at me!

It felt nice, though.

So did the flogger He used on my back this morning. And His hands when He slaps the welts. The bastard!

I begged Him to take pictures and He did! And then I begged Him to let me put them up and He did! So… last night we had fun! And here’s the evidence.

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