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April 16th, 2009

Things change an awful lot. So much that it can sometimes leave me in a tailspin. But the most recent change, for us, was more a case of willful ignorance than actual change.

For a long time, I was not allowed (as in, still have a copy of the rules with this particular one in it) to defer to any other dominants. Period. Even my occasional southern-raised “Yes, Sir.” or “Yes, Ma’am.” would get me in trouble until Master realized it was simply how I was brought up. And now it’s rare that it falls out of my mouth. Got tired of the funny looks you get up here in Yanksville for being polite.

We spent some time in some Gorean channels on IRC and there I had to call *everyone* Master or Mistress. I hated it. Especially with the crowd we were hanging around with. They didn’t deserve the titles. They all projected themselves as something they were something they weren’t and it always became painfully obvious as soon as one of the princess slaves got irritated. I swear, one of those girls would drop her diamond tiara and men would leap from the other side of the football field to catch it before it hit the ground.

When we left the Gor channels, I asked Master what to do with regard to this rule because by that point I was utterly confused. I don’t remember what He said. I just know somehow I came to the understanding that I wasn’t supposed to defer to anyone anymore and definitely only supposed to submit to Him without orders.

I was mistaken, apparently. Or He’s changed His mind. Or He changed His mind ages ago and told me and I forgot. Or didn’t hear Him. Or ignored Him.

I did a lot of that before October. Ignoring Him, that is.

So… I’m supposed to be asking men who we interact with on a regular basis if they allow submissives or slaves they don’t own to use honorifics with them and which ones they prefer the submissives or slaves use.

That just makes me all sorts of uncomfy cause, whether you believe it or not, I tend to be a bit shy at times. Especially with those of the dominant persuasion. More often than not, I’ll avoid talking to them altogether if I can. If only because I don’t want to make Master look like an idiot by opening my mouth.

And I’m not even gonna pretend that there’s not a bit of me succumbing to peer pressure with my dislike of deferring to people who do not own me. Because there is. I don’t have many friends who use honorifics when speaking to people who aren’t their owner. Hell, I’ve got a couple friends who don’t use honorifics at all.

So… I’ll practice here.

Men, do ya’ll allow submissives you don’t own to call you by honorifics? And if so, what honorific do you prefer?

Submissives, do ya’lls owners allow other submissives to call them by honorifics? And if so, what honorifics do they prefer?

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