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SJP#580: Terms of Endearment

March 24th, 2009

I popped over to SubmissiveGuide for an idea today. I’m not doing so hot. This whole being with Master every minute of every day for days at a time thing, while wonderful during, is killing me on days I can’t be with Him all day. I’ve been sitting here crying on and off all day wishing He could just come home.

Codependent? Who, me? Heh.

Are you called a “slut” or some other endearment which traditionally carries a negative connotation? How does it feel in the context of your relationship?

Master pretty much calls me every name in the book and you’d think I’d have a specific reaction to each one every time. But I’m a weirdo. So my reaction changes day to day, situation to situation.

Slut, cunt, whore, bitch, ho, twat… If it’s a derogatory word for female, He probably uses it even if only in jest. It used to bother me. I’d get all bent out of shape. Think I did something wrong. Never really got offended… just thought He was mad at me or something.

I can’t remember if we talked about it or if I just starting noticing the difference in how He said it. There’s a distinct difference in His tone when He’s angry. He almost spits them at me then.

When things are going good and/or we’re just talking, it usually goes unnoticed. Just another of those BDSM related things that becomes “normal” in day to day life. Like honey or babe. Except honey or babe usually annoys me coming from a man. I’m not really sure why.

When He’s angry, it makes me feel like shit. An inch tall at best.

When we’re playing, it makes me feel dirty. Humiliated.

That’s about all I got for ya today. Need to go fix this sudden depression somehow.

prompt found at SubmissiveGuide

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