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SJP#580: Terms of Endearment

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I popped over to SubmissiveGuide for an idea today. I’m not doing so hot. This whole being with Master every minute of every day for days at a time thing, while wonderful during, is killing me on days I can’t be with Him all day. I’ve been sitting here crying on and off all day wishing He could just come home.

Codependent? Who, me? Heh.

Are you called a “slut” or some other endearment which traditionally carries a negative connotation? How does it feel in the context of your relationship?

Master pretty much calls me every name in the book and you’d think I’d have a specific reaction to each one every time. But I’m a weirdo. So my reaction changes day to day, situation to situation.

Slut, cunt, whore, bitch, ho, twat… If it’s a derogatory word for female, He probably uses it even if only in jest. It used to bother me. I’d get all bent out of shape. Think I did something wrong. Never really got offended… just thought He was mad at me or something. Read more…

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