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And the Super Slave award goes to…

March 23rd, 2009

Someone over on FetLife listed her rules.

  1. Do not embarrass owner in public.
  2. Obey happily (“now” is understood).
  3. Suffer gladly.

And she implied, if not outright said, that me not having those exact rules somehow made me less than.

I’m not really sure how that works.

Master is a sadist. A pretty extreme one. And from day one He’s said, “Your happiness is unnecessary.” Matter of fact, at times He enjoys the things we do more when I don’t.

And I don’t always suffer gladly. Sometimes it pisses me the fuck off. But I do it. And I don’t complain. Not anymore.

I used to. I used to bitch like mad. But when I realized all my bitching was causing Master to be uninterested in working out His frustrations on me, I stopped. Seemed the intelligent thing to do. Nothing more embarrassing to me than having to find another bottom for Master to beat on because He’s not interested in beating on me anymore.

It’s not that He cared whether or not I liked it. He didn’t. It just became more trouble than it was worth.

And you know, it’s something I had to realize on my own? He told me over and over and I just looked at Him like He was nuts, not grasping the meaning of His words. “But you’re a sadist! How could you not want to beat me??”

There’s more to me than meets the eye, though.

When I like it most is after. When He starts laughing at me because He’s beaten me harder and longer than ever and I just came all over my own fingers and I’m staring up at Him begging for more. When I know I’ve pleased Him. When it hurt like hell and I swore with each stroke that I wouldn’t be able to handle the next and I hung in there like a champ anyway because I knew He wasn’t going to let up until He was damn good and ready.

There’s something to be said for both sides, though. A slave who at least pretends to be happy about every single order is much more pleasing than a slave who sulks through orders she doesn’t like.

But give me a break. Are you honestly going to sit there and tell me you’ve never in your 21 days together life been upset or irritated with some order you were given? You’re going to try to make me believe that there’s never been a scene you’ve been the whipping post in that just really flipped that rage switch for you? You are always happy to do everything that is expected of you?

Well, then, you win. Here’s the Super Slave award for all the moronic incredible slaves out there calling me a princess slave and going on and on about how I just want people to agree with me and can’t handle being disagreed with. Just don’t look at the back of the pin, okay? You won’t like what it says there.

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