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Cock Sucking Rocks!

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So I changed my profile on FetLife and realized it doesn’t make much sense without background. But those who know me will get it… mostly.

Someone took one of my Shel Silverstein poems seriously. The one about rules. That was pretty funny. Shel Silverstein didn’t even take his poem seriously.

She said something like “After reading your profile, I was surprised to see that you’re a slave.” Apparently, slaves aren’t allowed to have a sense of humor. Psh.

Last night was the best sex where my pussy wasn’t touched that I’ve had in a long fucking time. For some bizarre reason, when Master laid His arm over my shoulder with His hand dangling in front of my face I started to lick. Not that it’s a bad thing, mind. I just don’t know why I did it.

It wasn’t long before His hand was on the back of my neck and the blankets were thrown back. After kissing and licking my way down His body, I attached my mouth to His cock with a viciousness that would put Hoover to shame.

He talked to me. I memorized what He said word for word and then repeated it over and over in my head when He told me to cum.

He threatened me. Not outright but the threat was there. Making Him angry would be bad for me. And I wanted to push it. To find out just how bad. But I couldn’t. Pleasing Him was so much hotter than fighting it would have been.

Yeah… the best sex where my pussy wasn’t touched hands down.

Thank you, Master.

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