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Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

March 8th, 2009

So I think Master’s lost His mind. Either that, or He’s caught Spring Fever. Cause He’s going nuts cleaning the house. After a week of being completely out of commission. It’s utterly bizarre.

Yesterday, Master started on the living room and I started on the kitchen. I caught a little bit of His bug so for a couple days He told me to just leave it. We sat on the couch, Him occasionally having to work and me just wishing I could cuddle Him to death. His back is still hurting Him. Worse after carrying the fish tank down for the man who bought it.

I tried to get Him to let me carry it but He was terrified I would have gone down the stairs on my face or landed with the tank on top of me or something. Wouldn’t even let me try… heh.

Omigosh… Super Dad is at the bar across the street. That’s adorable. There’s this little old man who rides around with a shirt that says “Super Dad” on it. He’s so cute.

Today, He’s like a madman. I think He vacuumed each spot in the living room a hundred times. But the birds are messy and seed hulls in the foot is painful. So I understand.

He cooked me breakfast! I rolled over and said, “So… you want pancakes and bacon?” We went to the meat market yesterday and bought fresh bacon, sirloin, sandwich steaks, deli meat and yummy mozz and provolone. And, of course, pickles. Their pickles rock.

He said, “Unh uh. Eggs and bacon and toast.”

“Okay… why don’t you cook us breakfast while I go get us coffee and orange juice.” Neither of us ever drank the juice… lol.

He looked at me funny. I wanted to say “Didn’t you get the memo? My birthday starts a month in advance and ends a month following.” Instead I ducked a little and giggled.

He made professional-tasting steak sandwiches last night. I’ve never had them made from anything other than Steak-Ums so it was a real treat.  We realized it’s cheaper to buy two pounds of them (and we get two or three meals out of them) than to buy Steak-Ums at WalMart. So I’m happy!

I think we were logged onto WoW for fifteen minutes or so when He called it quits and ordered me into the shower. Then we huffed it down to the laundry mat with half our clothes. We’re probably going to go again on Tuesday with the other half. Mondays are impossible. We’re lucky if we’re home by seven.

So… I’m sitting down. I’m not sure how long it’s going to last. He decided to order out. Steak wasn’t exciting enough after the amazing steak sandwiches He made last night. And we’re probably going to watch TV all night. Comfy cozy. Perfect.

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