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CDTA: Ten things…

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I comprised a list of things I love and hate about the bus. Apparently, I’m better at ranting than praising. That explains some things…

Ten Things I Hate:

10.  People who don’t raise their kids right. You know the ones. They get on the bus and the kid screams the whole way because she wants a sucker. Or, like this morning, punches her mother in the face, arms and stomach because she didn’t like the seat her mother chose, then refused to sit in the one she wanted to sit in.
9.  People who don’t bathe and/or wash their clothes regularly. I’m not talking about homeless people. I’m talking about the ones who have a home, access to a shower and laundry mat, and make the whole bus smell like cat piss. And if they don’t have a home and access to a shower and/or laundry mat, they need to stop spending so much money on clothes. Buy your clothes from The Salvation Army and save the money you’re spending on Rocawear and Uggs for an apartment and a washer. And while we’re on the subject of clothes, stop dressing your daughters like you. Your three-year-old doesn’t need to be wearing three inch heels and jeans with “Juicy” on the ass. Srsly.
8.  Chatty bus drivers. Not the shuttle drivers. I’d be chatty then, too, driving around all damn day with next to no one getting on. I’m talking about the line drivers that talk so much they miss stops. Or the front of the bus is full of standing passengers all trying to talk to the driver, sometimes over the yellow line (which is against the law), and you can’t get on or off without shoving your way through.
7.  People who stand in the middle of the aisle and won’t let you pass. Getting on or off the bus is a feat in and of itself without these ass holes blocking the aisle. And people who stand flat against the rail until the bus stops, then turn into the aisle. I mean, really! You were perfectly fine till the bus stopped. You seriously couldn’t stay where you were till people got off??!?
6.  The constantly changing prices. I understand everything’s going up. But one of the biggest pros of riding the bus is that you can travel to pretty much any city on CDTAs routes for, at most, $3.00/day. $1.00 if you only have to take one bus. Day passes are going up to $4.00. That is the suxxor!
5.  People who bring big ass objects or tons of groceries on the bus. First, they always leave them in the aisle. Second, they always give you a dirty look if you come within an inch of their precious cargo. Pick it up out of the aisle when the bus stops and you won’t have to deal with people kicking your shit. Otherwise? I’ve got no sympathy for you.
4.  People who see you running for the bus, two feet away from the door, and don’t ask the driver to wait for you even though he’s running ten minutes early. Is it really all that difficult to say “Hey dude! That chick needs to get on. She’s two feet away. Wanna wait a sec?”
3.  Skinny couples who refuse to sit in the same pair of seats, thus taking up two sections of seats with no reason. Which leads me to number two…
2.  Anti-social elitist ass holes. There are ten empty seats but, because everyone thinks they’re better than everyone else, if they don’t know someone in one of them they’re standing.
1.  Rude ass motherfuckers. I’m not sure I can get any clearer. It’s not my fault you’re having a bad day. I don’t even know your ass. Chill the fuck out already.

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