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More than Meets the Eye

February 26th, 2009

So last night we watched the Transformers movie for the first time ever. We’ve had it since it came out on DVD and just never watched it. Despite the fact that everyone said it was really good, we were skeptical. Movies made after cartoons aren’t always all that good and I never really liked Transformers as a kid. Well… the cartoon. I wanted the toys but my parents said they were boys toys and wouldn’t let me have any.

It was good. I loved it. And Bumblebee was adorable.

But why is it that every time I watch a good movie right before bed I start dreaming about it? This morning, while dreaming of Transformers, I had a dream that Megatron was trying to destroy the world. They had me locked up in this metal puzzle thing with all these bars running between my spread legs. And the only way to save the world was for Optimus Prime to pry the bars from between my legs and for Master to have sex with me.

*blink* What? That doesn’t even make sense!

But I woke to a hand between my legs and behind my eyelids were those bars. The hand stroked and stroked and it was so amazingly scrumptious that my hips rocked up to meet it every time. And then suddenly there was this big hunk of man forcing himself between my barely open legs and grunting huskily “Spread ’em, slut.”

And it was good. I thought I was too tired to cum (Sometimes I just can’t in the morning. I’m weird.) but had no problem. And I got a blog out of the deal!

Don’t worry, Kaya. I’m still lookin’ for those eight friends 😛

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