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Asking vs. Ordering

February 19th, 2009

I’m super touchy this morning. Not with Master. But with everyone else.

Seeing insults in everything they say. Taking things that probably aren’t meant to be as personal attacks. Dunno why. Maybe just cause I’m not a morning person.

I mean, it makes no sense. I woke to some dude feeling me up and then raping me. Not really sure how He got past the locks on both doors. He certainly didn’t climb through the window. And He was damn good! He always is.

I keep saying on FetLife I’m gonna start wearing a sign. There should be a PMS flag on places like that. Even if you’re just pissy, you could click a lil button and let everyone know you’re spouting off for no real reason.

So Master shocked me a while back and I never really talked about it cause it was just that bizarre.

The first time I played with my cunt for Him I was given free rein. Every time I asked Him what He wanted me to do, He said “Surprise me.” And boy did I. I’d told Him how much I liked to hurt myself before but He’d never given me the opportunity to prove it to Him and I’d never asked for it. I was embarrassed, to say the least.

True to His word, He didn’t once order me to do anything He wanted to see that night. I’m sure there were things He wanted to see but He had given me free rein and didn’t go back on it.

When He was ready to cum, I was considering clamping my clit one last time. It hurt so bad I put it on and immediately took it off again. I’m guessing He realized I was done. I had reached my limit. I was tired and sore and just ready to cum and be done with it.

He turned toward me, hand firmly gripping His rock hard cock, and said “Please? One more time? For me? Please, just one more time.”

I was so shocked I didn’t even think before grabbing my clit between two fingers and closing the clamp around it. I cried out. I whimpered. My hips rocked and my hand kept closing around the clamp with the intention of taking it off.

“Not yet!” He cried out as I slowly peeled the clamp from my skin. “Wait. Just a minute more. Please?”

I stared at Him in utter disbelief. Why was He asking? Why wasn’t He just ordering me to? But I let go and cried out as the pain shot through my cunt.

He stood over me working frantically to cover me in cum. And as the first stream shot across my face and tits, He yelled, “Now!”

I screwed up my courage and opened the clamp as quickly as possible. There were no tears. Just my legs slamming together and a moan I’m sure was heard by the neighbors. And when He was finished, He sent me to clean up before taking me in the bedroom and fucking me. Then He made me rub one off myself.

Pain! God was it painful. But holy shit did I cum. And then I stared at this man who is usually so dominant, so controlling He can’t be bothered to ask for something.

I don’t know what would have happened had I refused. The thought didn’t even cross my mind. I assumed, since He was asking instead of ordering, that I had a choice in the matter. Whether or not I did, I don’t know. And I’ll probably never know. Because I can almost guarantee I’ll react with the same shock if He ever does it again. And the shock will be enough to force my hand, just as it was that night.

It was just so… bizarre.

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