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That’s what I call “Play Time”!

February 14th, 2009

Thursday night was incredible. Master and I pulled an all-nighter again. This time seemed to be a combination of Him wanting me to enjoy it – a LOT – and doing what He wanted. Sort of.

We haven’t had a scene like this in ages. Although, I’m not sure it constitutes a “scene”, per se. But whatever. *shrug*

I can’t help the way SVU makes me feel. I’m a rape victim but being raped – even when it was non-consensual… a secret I’d only actually told Master until this moment – turns me on more than I could ever say. So, instead of boohooing for the girls in the show, I find myself fantasizing about how I would feel if I was the victim.

We watched a few old episodes from the fourth season and that was it. We needed harder porn. Which, let me tell you, is just utterly bizarre because Master never used to think porn was interesting. We’ve since learned that we enjoy watching women be used. “Enjoy” is probably too light a word.

We’ve found a ton of free porn sites, which works out great for us because, while what I really want is clips of Carrie and Taylor playing with knives and Kaya and Scott playing with the misery stick, I’m broke right now. Redtube.com, pornotube.com, tube8.com… those are the ones we’ve been using more frequently. The only thing I don’t like about pornotube is that the listings don’t have the length of the videos on the front page so you don’t know until you go into them.

It started the way it always does, now. Master and I were sitting naked on the couch watching porn and my hand found its way between my legs. From there, I can’t even begin to give an accurate description of what happened. It started with Him playing with the clovers and them not being tight enough for my liking. So I went to get the black and red clamps we bought for Master for one of His woodworking projects. Useless for woodwork. Excellent for nipples and clits. Mine anyway.

So as we’re both torturing the hell out of my poor clamped clit, Master decides He wants to beat me. I’m game! I’ve not had a sound beating in ages.

I expected it to be the way it almost always is when we play. Master diving headlong into the deep end, then swimming into the ocean. I was pleasantly surprised. 

I don’t remember how long we played with the clamps and a vibrator. But eventually, Master asked for His kangaroo flogger. I leaped from my seat and ran to get it. If I had to give a favorite of His toys, it’d probably be the kangaroo flogger. It’s supple and soft. It can be used for serious pain or serious pleasure. It’s just… amazing.

He whipped my tits, stomach, pussy and thighs as I laid there fingering my button and occasionally fucking myself with the vibrator. And then He asked for the slut paddle. I don’t remember much about that. It wasn’t long before He was asking for His holy wooden paddle. I cringed when He asked but I didn’t hesitate.

He said something like “It’s been a long time, rayne. I really want to hurt you.”

If my pussy hadn’t already been drenched, it would have been then.

By the end of the night, we had every toy out of the chest and He was going through and using each one on me as we went along. He didn’t use His homemade floggers or the latex one. But that was just fine with me. The things He was using were like a symphony on my flesh.

The first time we pulled an all-nighter, we found a way for me to get into position over His knees without putting any pressure on them, thus allowing me to stay there damn near forever. When He ordered me into position, I got butterflies. It was after He asked for the wooden paddle.

He spent a good amount of time rubbing and kissing my back, alternated between gripping my hair in His fist and scratching my head like a dog (which, I must say, I enjoyed thoroughly). He held the paddle to my lips, something He rarely did before I told Him how much I liked kissing the tools He used to torture me, and I pressed my lips to the smooth wood allowing them to linger a moment before burying my head again. Then He rested His left arm over my shoulders and gave me five or six medium swats to each ass cheek with the paddle.

I bore down on my arms and tucked my head between His leg and the arm of the couch, but I held position and didn’t cry out. When the first series was finished, He went back to rubbing my back and started telling me over and over how good I’d been for the first series.

After a few minutes, He started with the second one. Same intensity, same amount. I stayed as still as possible and moaned into the couch.

I don’t know how long it was before He asked, “Are you ready to take some harder ones for Daddy?” I nodded and He rubbed my back a little longer before giving me five or six harder strokes to each cheek.

He switched up the things He used and eventually, after He took the opportunity to bite the welts on my ass, I ended up on the floor on my knees sucking His cock some but mostly licking and kissing Him all over.

Everything beyond that is a blur. He caned me and used the crop, which He hasn’t used in… at least a year. He caned the hell outta my tits. I have beautiful bruises. We meant to take pictures yesterday but we ran out of time. I’ll try to get Him to take some today.

Last night was more of the same. He told me to plug my ass (That hurt like hell! It’s been ages since anything’s been in my ass and it just. wouldn’t. go.) and spent a little while beating me randomly with the kangaroo flogger. Then we ended up back on the couch watching porn. The clamps and vibrator came out, naturally, and then He went after a few more toys He liked but never ended up using.

At one point He told me to suck His cock and while I was, I begged Him for more paddling. That’s completely out of character for me. I usually hate the paddle. But Thursday made me realize there are yummy ways for Him to use it too.

Last night wasn’t a long session. After about fifteen minutes of me alternating between sucking His cock and giving Him a hand job so I could kiss His lips, belly, throat and chest while He paddled my ass, back and thighs we were racing to the bedroom to fuck. And when that was done (Have I mentioned how awesome it feels to have a cock ramming your cunt while your ass is plugged? If not, let me mention it now. It feels incredible!) we both started drifting off. Soooo the plug came out and we went to sleep.

I’m a happy lil cunt today.

Oh… and I have a new nickname from Master. I’m His dirty pig whore. So degrading… I love it! He’s talking about that being my second tattoo (the first will be His mark).

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