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Rant #54386928349

February 3rd, 2009

Kinky people have an amazing ability to fetishize anything- collars, marks, voices, you name it. The symbol becomes greater than itself.

This bitch just burns my ass.

I mean, really. Are you so much better than the rest of us that you don’t “fetishize” things, too? And what the hell is wrong with “fetishizing” things anyway?

So what if we don’t usually wear a collar and wearing one turns us on? So what if seeing the result of our owner’s handiwork, which was the result of a bonafide fetish – Or is fetishizing a fetish wrong, too? – on our bodies is hot to us? So what if the sound of a man’s voice when it’s all growly and ordering us around makes us melt? And I’m sorry these things don’t affect you the way they do the rest of us. Sorry you don’t “get it”.

But fuck! Don’t think you can lord it over us in some attempt to prove you’re better than us because it doesn’t fuckin’ work that way. It doesn’t prove you’re better, smarter, faster, stronger than us. It proves you’re more of an ass than us.

Which you prove every time you open your mouth.

And if you didn’t mean it that way, I apologize. But damn… find a better way to word the fucked up shit you say, then.

I’m bitchy today. Can you tell?

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