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Rant #54386928348

January 27th, 2009

I haven’t ranted here in a while. I guess because all my rants come across as petty and whiny and I don’t like it! But a few things over at FetLife have been driving me nuts and… I’ve pretty much given up on starting threads there. So I figure I’ll bitch about them here.

1) No one ever reads the entire OP. Regardless of length or content. On pretty much every thread I’ve started or participated in there are at least 3 people responding to what they think the question is and not the actual question.

I started a thread just to see how many people felt the same way Master and I do (Sometimes I like not being the only one, you know? But if I am, I am. So what?). Knowing full well at least half the answers would be “This is what I’m supposed to say.” answers but hoping to get some honest ones, too. And I was sure to put in the post “This is not relationship based. I’m just wondering!” Yet I still got scores of advice either questioning how I could possibly be a slave (not in so many words – sometimes it’s just the tone) or explaining to me, step by step, how to handle the situation. Those last varied from “Get out! Now!” to “Make him listen!”

Pfft! Make Him listen. Yeah. Right.

2) Now, I know the vast majority of our readers are not affiliated with [[Gor]] in any way. Hell, some of you find it utterly laughable. I have no idea where we fall in this category anymore.

In any case, on IRC, when we were heavily involved with the [[Gorean]] rooms they made it a point (in most of them) not to Op (give operator status, thus the ability to kick, ban, voice, devoice and/or reprimand anyone not Oped in the channel) slaves or give slaves any sort of authority over the rooms. The reasons were a) slaves should never have any sort of control or authority over free people. Period. And b) Gorean slaves, when they’re book-trained (Which is rarer and rarer, these days. It’s hilarious to me how many people who claim to be Gorean haven’t even cracked the first book.), are competitive and catty by nature.

Gorean slaves battle each other for the honor and right to be first slave constantly. The fight to prove themselves more worthy of their master’s attention than the next girl is relentless. And most of the Gorean slaves I’ve met on Earth (as opposed to those I’ve met on the fictional planet Gor… I’m retarded today and I’m leaving this in to prove it! Shut up. You love me.) are no different. The authority would go straight to their heads. And it wouldn’t be long before you’d be killing (Yes, on IRC they still occasionally role play. Killing slaves means they can never use their nickname again and have to wait a specified amount of time before they’re allowed to return to the Gorean channels on IRC. I never said the channels were realistic! Damn!) slaves left and right for stepping on the toes of all your Gorean free person friends.

There’s at least one group (And yes, I know everyone who goes there will know which one I’m talking about. But if they’re gonna get their panties in a twist because I, a slave girl, who, on Gor, is lower than the domestic tabuk, don’t like the way they do things, that’s their problem.) that’s owned and operated by a Gorean couple. And she has the right and ability to moderate the group however she wants. Granted, he owns her and, technically, she should be running it however he wants. But another trait of Gorean couples I’ve noticed that drives me crazy is the master is usually like a proud parent who sees no wrong in their child. Even when it’s slapping them in the face.

Disclaimer: I am not saying, nor do I feel, this is how MJ and jk are. I don’t know them well enough to say one way or another. This is an observation I’ve made in other Gorean couples that I do know well. But I’ll be the first to admit that not all the other Gorean couples I’ve known are like this. Most… but not all.

3) “Just as every [[BDSM]] dynamic is different, so, too, is every Gorean dynamic. Just because we’re Gorean doesn’t mean we have to follow the books.” *blink* Uh… what?

In reality, I’m pretty sure this is just a way to pass off having never read the books as something less. But that’s like saying “Just because I’m [[Christian]] doesn’t mean I have to follow the [[New Testament]] of the [[Bible]].” Being Gorean, by definition, means you choose to live your life based on the philosophies written by [[John Norman]]. Therefore, yes, to be Gorean you do have to follow at least some parts of the books. Generally speaking, to do so you must first read the books. But, you know, what do I know?

What I do know is you can’t “know it all” about your professed lifestyle if you haven’t even read the guide. And you can’t get your panties in a bunch if someone – who does “know it all” about your professed lifestyle because they have read the guide – puts you in your place and you have no rebuttal. Read the damn books. But then, that’s a gripe I have with the Gorean community as a whole and part of the reason I’m reluctant to lump myself (and Master, though that’s more because I choose not to speak for Him) in with them.

4) Just as with every [[BDSM]] related fora, there are those who simply cannot deal with others disagreeing with them. It’s like someone disagreeing with the way they do things shatters their whole universe. They get defensive and pouty and I start wondering if maybe I accidentally slipped into [[Romper Room]] instead.

Their generally happy tone immediately falls flat, they start spewing personal examples that no one could possibly back up for them and they’re suddenly lecturing. Lecturing eventually gives way to ranting. And ranting eventually gives way to insult-flinging and name-calling.

Get a grip, people. In a world with so many different cultures, you’re lucky if one person agrees with you. Let alone everyone.

My advice to you would be to develop your opinions on this lifestyle before you’re owned and find someone who agrees with your opinions to own you. That way the foundation for your beliefs and relationship is concrete, not sand, and you won’t have to worry about what others think being a thorn in your side.

In other news, Zedd is doing quite well. His wing feathers are pretty much completely back and his tail feathers are getting there. He’s lookin’ sorta funny with three tail feathers fully grown, a bunch half way there and a bunch more a quarter. But he’s landing without much trouble and is stable in flight. And he’s stubborn. God, is he stubborn. It takes us upwards of two hours to get him back in his cage when we’re ready. Regardless of how long he’s been out.

The only thing bugging me about him at this point is we can’t get him to take a bath. He’s covered in birdie dandruff and his wings are ridiculously greasy. It’s kind of gross. I saw an in-cage bird bath at Pet Smart for around $10. That’ll be our next investment. If that doesn’t do it, I might have to attempt to take him in the shower with me. Course, that would require him staying on my fingers as I move around. Something else he refuses to do.

We’re selling the Durango and both our fish tanks. We’re just done with the Durango. It’s constantly got something wrong with it and it’s a major gas hog. Time to move on. One of the fish tanks has sat empty taking up space for three months. The other is too expensive to keep up (saltwater). Master doesn’t really want to sell them but we need the money. I’m just done with them.

I’m hoping that in the near future Master’s gonna either find another job or lose this one. I’ve had enough. He’s had enough.

A while back we joined a munch group and just hadn’t been comfortable with going to munches yet. So, naturally, now that we’ve considered it, they’ve lost their munch location and have no idea when they’ll have one again.  What kinds of locations do your munches use?

I guess that’s all! Have a great day 🙂

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