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I haven’t ranted here in a while. I guess because all my rants come across as petty and whiny and I don’t like it! But a few things over at FetLife have been driving me nuts and… I’ve pretty much given up on starting threads there. So I figure I’ll bitch about them here.

1) No one ever reads the entire OP. Regardless of length or content. On pretty much every thread I’ve started or participated in there are at least 3 people responding to what they think the question is and not the actual question.

I started a thread just to see how many people felt the same way Master and I do (Sometimes I like not being the only one, you know? But if I am, I am. So what?). Knowing full well at least half the answers would be “This is what I’m supposed to say.” answers but hoping to get some honest ones, too. And I was sure to put in the post “This is not relationship based. I’m just wondering!” Yet I still got scores of advice either questioning how I could possibly be a slave (not in so many words – sometimes it’s just the tone) or explaining to me, step by step, how to handle the situation. Those last varied from “Get out! Now!” to “Make him listen!”

Pfft! Make Him listen. Yeah. Right. Read more…

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