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Self Bondage

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I’m lame today. I couldn’t think of what it’s really called since I didn’t actually tie myself up or anything. Just hurt myself… a lot. And goodness was it hot. I had hoped He’d be inspired to write about it. It was so completely out of character for us. It’s looking like someone’s going to have to drop a bomb on Albany for Him to be inspired to write *pout*

So, I think I’ve mentioned before the many ways I discovered the fact that I’m a masochist but it’s possible I haven’t. Either way, I guess I can tell you a little bit about it before talking about how Master and I rang in the New Year. Though I guess it wasn’t actually New Year’s Eve. Anyway…

I don’t remember exactly how old I was. I was still wearing barrettes and bows, but I wore barrettes and bows all the way through my freshman year in high school. It was the only feminine thing I did growing up. I stopped when I realized only the cheerleaders wore bows.  But the barrettes served more than one purpose until I realized that clothespins work just as well. Barrettes, rubber bands, clipboards, objects small enough to fuck but large enough to hurt… anything I could find that would cause pain. I thought I was a freak (and maybe I am). I couldn’t imagine anyone being turned on like I was by pain. I’ve since learned otherwise, obviously.

So over the New Year weekend, Master and I were watching TV. I’m not sure what started it, but we began a lengthy (something like 12 hours… Don’t ask me how we managed it. I have no idea) mutual masturbation session. This is utterly bizarre for us. First, because Master doesn’t masturbate. At all. Ever. It wasn’t until just recently that He started touching His cock during sex at all aside from adjustments and putting it in and such. Second, because we’re almost always in a hurry. Hurry up and get off cause He’s gotta go to work. Hurry up and get off cause our show’s coming on. Hurry up and get off cause the dinner bell’s about to go off. You get the point.

That night, we had nothing but time. And after first telling me to just touch myself, He sent me for a toy. The clovers were already sitting on the arm of the love seat and there were paddles laying around. I wanted my nipples clamped something awful and started asking Him to do it. He told me no and then after a few minutes handed me the clamps. Handed me the clamps.  Read more…

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